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Finding a moisturizer for combination skin can be tricky. You have to consider two main factors to keep your skin balanced: hydrating the dry areas without making the oilier areas feel greasy. It takes plenty of trial and error to find a moisturizer that keeps my dry cheeks hydrated and also doesn’t leave my T-zone feeling too oily.

When preparing my skin care routine for spring, I make sure to include a moisturizer that’s lightweight and non-greasy, preferably one with a gel texture. I’ve been reaching for make p:rem’s Hydrate Me. Micro Tension Cream and MAY COOP’s Bamboo Water Gel. Read on to find out whether these moisturizers thoroughly hydrate my combination skin.

make p:rem Hydrate Me. Micro Tension Cream

Main benefits: Strengthens skin barrier, restores skin elasticity and rejuvenates skin.

Key ingredients: Rubus articus fruit extract, saccharide isomerate, hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

My experience: I’ve always had a good experience with make p:rem’s products, so it wasn’t a surprise when I immediately loved this cream.

When using a moisturizer during spring and summer, I opt for ones that absorb quickly and never feel greasy. This cream ticks both of those boxes. Although it’s called a cream, it features a lightweight, jelly-like texture that sweeps effortlessly across my face.

Hydrate Me. Micro Tension Cream provides long-lasting hydration, thanks to humectants such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid in the formula. Plus, it’s powered by micro trans moisture, the brand’s patented advanced hydrating technology, which allows the cream’s ingredients to reach the deeper layers of skin and leave it deeply nourished and plump. 

In addition to its hydrating benefits, the cream is formulated with arctic berry extract (rubus articus fruit extract) to promote plump skin and strengthen the skin barrier. I often experience hormonal breakouts and when that happens, I can rely on this cream to look after my skin.

MAY COOP Bamboo Water Gel

Main benefits: Soothes and brightens skin and reinforces the skin barrier.

Key ingredients: Bamboo sap, biosaccharide gum, plankton, lotus and cornus officinalis fruit extracts.

My experience: This gel cream has a light consistency and feels more watery upon application. It feels gentle on my skin, but it does take a while to fully absorb. I accidentally used too much when I first tried it and it left a tacky finish, so using less goes a long way. Once I reduced the amount used, I no longer experienced any stickiness.

The cooling gel-based formula is a treat to use, and I will likely reach for it often throughout spring and summer. When my skin feels irritated, the Bamboo Water Gel instantly soothes my complexion, thanks to its skin-soothing ingredients including bamboo sap, plankton, lotus and cornus officinalis fruit extracts. It also works well in calming down any redness.

Even though it’s a lightweight moisturizer, I use it both day and night, and my combination skin doesn’t feel too greasy or dry.

Final Thoughts

Both the Hydrate Me. Micro Tension Cream and Bamboo Water Gel fulfill everything I look for in a moisturizer. They’re lightweight and provide a non-greasy and non-sticky finish. Most importantly, they supply long-lasting hydration.

These moisturizers also protect and strengthen the skin barrier. Adding them to my daily skin care routine has helped my existing spots to heal and reduce inflammation.

If you have combination skin and you’re looking for a lightweight moisturizer that keeps your skin balanced and nourished, I highly recommend giving one of them (or both) a go.

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