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BlackPink member Rosé’s solo debut was probably one of the most anticipated of the year, and the title track from her album R lived up to the hype. On the Ground became the most-viewed Korean music video on YouTube by a soloist in 24 hours, racking up 41.6 million views.

The single’s deeply introspective themes set it apart from the usual love song. Rosé, who took part in writing the track, shared in her RELEASED episode that the lyrics were about getting to the top and realizing that what matters the most was already within you this whole time. She resonated with the lyrics because she had been running tirelessly towards her dreams since becoming a trainee, and finally reflected on what truly brought her meaning and happiness.

The music video of On the Ground portrays a meteorite crash and the subsequent havoc it wreaks, all while situating Rosé in locations worthy of her international superstar status, such as an extravagant dressing room, a glitzy old-school theater and a limousine. The video also explores past and present versions of the star, including a scene that represents her childhood home.

Fashion-wise, the video stays true to Rosé’s off-duty fashion and personal influences, mixing punkish, girly, glam and casual aesthetics to create an array of perfectly balanced high-fashion looks. Read on to recreate all nine looks from the On the Ground MV!

Outfit #1

The music video opens with Rosé in an ornate dressing room furnished with a rose gold vanity, tapestry chair, bust statue, pastel-toned mural and vases of roses. She’s clothed in a quintessentially pop-punk princess outfit, the centerpiece being a strapless maxi dress in striking fuchsia. It’s accessorized with a sleek black skinny scarf, a pair of tall lace-up black boots and several silver rhinestone rings. At the end of the video, she reappears in the same get-up while in front of a burning convertible, but with the addition of a cropped leather jacket for tougher vibes.

Outfit #2

While standing outside a theater with grand chandeliers, Rosé rocks a theatrical get-up consisting of a figure-hugging long-sleeve black playsuit with faux leather puff sleeves and layered nylon belts. To let her clothes take center stage, she styles her pin-straight tresses in a super slick high ponytail for a modern touch. I streamlined the outfit to make it more wearable by choosing a faux leather puff-sleeve mini dress and single nylon belt. Rosé also extends the cyberpunk vibes with knee-high patent lace-up boots and adds an open maxi skirt with fur trim in a later scene for even more drama.

Outfit #3

Waving a floor-length piece of mesh fabric in the air while a light shines behind her, Rosé exudes old-school glamor with glittery eye shadow and bold red lips. For her wardrobe, she pairs a strapless sequined top with an asymmetric-hem floral mini skirt. You wouldn’t think these contrasting prints and materials would work together, but somehow they do to form an exquisite, ballerina-esque ensemble.

Outfit #4

Rosé next appears in a white puff-sleeve mini dress adorned with feathers and glitter, an outfit as ethereal as the last, and completes the dress with a pair of looped rhinestone chain earrings. She runs and dances as fireworks go off in the background. A large retro light sign behind the singer reads “No way out / You are nowhere.”

Outfit #5

Dressed in an ultra-femme, tiered pale blue maxi dress, Rosé slides into the backseat of a limo. There, she swaps out a plush fur jacket for a casual black lettering bomber, revealing a glimpse of her more low-key moments behind the glam facade. Rosé appears tired and restless, highlighting that she still feels empty even after achieving the highs of success.

Outfit #6

While on a flight of marble stairs with lettering that reads “Roses are dead, love is fake,” Rosé strikes a pose in an elegant yet imposing all-black outfit comprising a cardigan with white lace detail, a pair of black high-waist shorts, an over-the-top wide-brim floppy straw hat and a pair of ankle-strap stilettos.

Outfit #7

With eyes heavily rimmed with dark liner and hair in a messy braid, Rosé goes for a darker, grungier look as she sways on a long, gold-tone swing despite the fire burning around her. She wears a white cropped tee with a koala graphic (repping the country she grew up in) and a pair of black hot pants, as well as the same tall lace-up black platform boots from her earlier fuchsia dress ensemble. The highlight is a dramatic, long shaggy fur coat in light blue, but I picked a cropped cardigan more suitable for everyday wear.

Outfit #8

The music video transitions seamlessly from Rosé swinging amidst the explosion to a similar but happier moment in the past. At a brightly lit house filled with flowers, she plays the piano while her present-day alter ego stands by and watches. The outfit she dons mirrors the earlier one, made up of a white lettering tee, distressed white denim shorts and a mint-colored faux fur jacket. While the similar outfits illustrate a continuation between her past and present selves, the opposing hairstyles reflect the changes she has undergone. In stark contrast to her disheveled braid, her hair here is held back with daisy hair clips and styled into soft waves that gently frame her face, creating an innocent mood.

Outfit #9

The video’s breathtaking finale depicts Rosé floating above a field of pink and white roses. She’s clad in a playful, romantic pink-and-white gingham mini dress with allover ruffles, side cut-outs and wide sleeves, which is paired with pink lace-up heels and gold-tone spherical dangle earrings. Her makeup is similarly rosy, with a highly pigmented shadow dusted around her eyes and a matching pink lip. Although the song speaks of realizing that “Everything I need is on the ground,” this lift-off mirrors her freeing revelation. She smiles while sweeping her arms in the air – no longer trapped by the relentless need to “get high,” she can drift and land as she pleases.


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