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Carrots are lunch box staples for a reason: they’re chock-full of nutrients. It’s therefore no surprise that carrot extract comes with distinct skin care benefits. Packed with Provitamin A carotenoid beta-carotene, which is rich in antioxidants, carrot extract helps fight free radicals to produce strong, bright and more youthful-looking skin.

At first, I had concerns about trying carrot-based skin care products. While I’m sold on the skin care benefits, carrots are one of my least favorite veggies. I’d also heard that while carrot extract works wonders on dull skin, it can be too much of a good thing on hypersensitive skin, resulting in redness or even a slight yellowish-orange tinge.

Ultimately, Benton’s reputation for highly efficacious yet gentle-on-skin formulas calmed my anxieties. In an effort to rescue my lackluster complexion, I committed to trialing two products in its Let’s Carrot Line: the Oil Toner and the Moisture Cream. Read on to see what changes my skin experienced after two weeks of intensive usage in both my morning and evening routines!

The product: Formulated with beta carotene, carrot extract and tocopherol on top of plant-based oils, this toner consists of oil and water layers that mix to form a nourishing barrier on skin. It’s ideal for dull and rough skin undergoing the first signs of aging. Unlike many other toners, it comes in a pump bottle and is dispensed as a fine mist, which makes it perfect as a face mist as well.

The low-down: : I’d never used an oil-based, mist-type toner before, so I had a few qualms. I was afraid it would prove too oily for my T-zone, and was unsure if the mist formulation suited my skin type.
After consistent usage, my doubts evaporated thanks to its hydrating properties, as evidenced by the soft, plumped-up look to my face afterwards – a dewiness that lasted. Gratifyingly, its gentle-on-skin formula meant that there was no worsening of my facial redness. Moreover, the toner dispensed surprisingly smoothly, provided I gave it a vigorous shake.

On the downside, I found it a tad too oily for my combination skin, resulting in a slight sense of initial discomfort. The strong scent − a cross between burnt wood, oil and something herbal − also took getting used to. As such, I’ll probably reach for the Oil Toner occasionally rather than religiously.

The product: Featuring star ingredient beta-carotene on top of carrot extract, carrot water and a blend of vegetable oils, Benton’s yellow-colored Moisture Cream packs real power in quickening cell turnover, toning up skin and amping up hydration levels. Designed as a lightweight alternative to rich winter creams, it comes in a smooth, buttery formulation that promises to absorb swiftly into skin.

The low-down: With the arrival of spring, I’m looking for a daytime moisturizer that deeply hydrates while allowing my skin to breathe. On the whole, Benton’s Moisture Cream delivered on multiple fronts. Its simple but effective formula, especially when paired with iUNIK’s soothing Black Snail Restore Serum, gave me the restorative boost I craved while leaving no tacky finish. Although its brightening benefits were not as pronounced as I’d hoped – stubborn patches of hyperpigmentation remained – it did result in a smoother, clearer complexion.

While it’s by no means the holy grail of lightweight moisturizers – that honor still belongs to make p:rem’s Hydrate Me. Micro Tension Cream – I loved how comfortable this cream felt on my skin, especially in the current warmer weather, and I’m happy to add it to my rotation of creams. Like the Oil Toner, it comes with a burnt wood scent, but in a slightly less pungent form.

Final Verdict:

Though I’d never used any Benton product before this, I’ve only heard good things about the brand. Overall, I was not disappointed with the Let’s Carrot line. Initially, I was worried that a high percentage of carrot extract might prove aggravating for my hypersensitive skin, but Benton’s Let’s Carrot Oil Toner and Moisture Cream proved me wrong. Breakouts were minimal during the two weeks of usage, and my red patches abated slightly.

Of the two products, I was more taken with the Moisture Cream, which hit the sweet spot between intensively moisturizing and refreshingly lightweight. As for the Oil Toner, I appreciated its hydrating properties but didn’t love the finish and scent. Both products, however, performed solidly enough for me to immediately add Let’s Carrot Multi Oil to my wish list.

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