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Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m sneezing a lot, how ’bout you?

With spring comes beautiful blossoming flowers, but for many people, it also comes with spring allergies and heaps of skin problems. Hives, blemishes, itchy skin, swelling and aggravated eczema – sounds irritating, doesn’t it? The YesStylists have gathered to share our experiences with seasonal skin allergies, including what ingredients and products we use and, most importantly, what to avoid. Get the scoop now!

Agnes: Spring has sprung girlsss. 🌻🌸🌷Is it just me or do your allergies also peak during this time? I’m getting nonstop itchy skin, a puffy face esp around the eyes, and aggravated eczema :(. Grrr!

Zoe: I feel you girl! Spring is the worst for my eczema. 😭

Michelle: I know! I love spring but defo not the allergies it brings :(.

Maureen: I don’t have eczema but I hate humid climates too.

Agnes: Yea, not feeling on fleek at the moment. What have you been using to help with your allergies? I tried retinoid, but I think it might have worsened things.

Maureen: Oh, I didn’t know retinol could help with allergies? I use retinol, which is a milder version of retinoid, on rosacea though and it did alleviate mine.

Agnes: Really?! I have eczema-related dry patches scattered around my face so when I applied it, it kinda stung >.<.

Zoe: I’m kinda scared to try retinol, I hear it’s quite strong!

Michelle: I have to say I’ve never dipped into the world of retinoid… and allergy season doesn’t seem like the right time to try lol.

Agnes: I was desperate for a quick remedy haha.

Zoe: I prefer gentler ingredients and simpler formulas that are more suitable for sensitive and broken skin.

Agnes: Are there specific ones you recommend?

Zoe: I have a long list. 😂

Michelle: Bring it on haha.

Zoe: I always go for calendula. It’s the ultimate Holy Grail for calming inflamed skin. 🙏🏻

Michelle: My skin’s been getting more sensitive and prone to redness, and calendula’s been a lifesaver during every flare-up. Right now I’m in love with AROMATICA’s Comforting Calendula Decoction Juicy Cream – super gentle and hydrating!

Zoe: Oh yes, AROMATICA is also on my list. 😂

Agnes: Oooo in that case, I must give calendula a try!

Michelle: YES! I find that it often works better for me than the usual skin soothers like tea tree and aloe vera.

Agnes: It’s not oily though?

Michelle: Not at all! Plus it has loads of ceramides – always a plus!

Zoe: Gotta keep our skin barrier strong!💪🏻

Agnes: Ok, adding this to my list! :p

Michelle: Not sure about you guys, but my face gets really red super easily during this season. Does anyone have the same problem? I’ve been trying to figure out what I need to avoid. Besides the obvious… like lots of makeup. 😂

Maureen: I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I still suffer from flare-ups all the time. Instead of focusing on what to include, I tend to focus on what NOT to include. I usually avoid alcohol, fragrance and essential oils.

Agnes: Yea, those are a big no-no! I’ve heard azulene is quite soothing. It might be able to help with flare-ups! Dear, Klairs’s Midnight Blue Calming Cream uses this.

Michelle: Is there a brand you guys always turn to when your skin is aggravated?

Maureen: I tend to reach for brands like ROVECTIN, Pyunkang Yul and iUNIK. Some of their products have just 6-7 ingredients so hopefully all the allergens are screened out.

Agnes: Oh, I’ve heard about iUNIK because it offers a select range of hypoallergenic products. It’s at the top of my to-try list!!

Maureen: Yup, I love its propolis line, which targets soothing skin and strengthening skin’s barrier.

Michelle: I’ve only tried iUNIK’s Black Snail Restore Serum, but the propolis line sounds perfect. 😍 My skin could really use a strengthening boost~

Zoe: SIORIS and Dear, Klairs are my vanity cornerstones. They never fail me! I honestly think all of SIORIS’s offerings are good. For Dear, Klairs, I always keep a bottle of Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop and Midnight Blue Calming Cream to soothe my flare-ups. It really helps when my skin feels tight and itchy, especially post-shower!

I recently discovered BANOBAGI’s Milk Thistle Repair Lotion, and I have to say, it’s a game changer! The whole line is designed for damaged skin, so it’s defo worth a go if you’re struggling with redness and irritation. 🙂

Agnes: Wow! You’re really an expert in this field. 😂 I’ve tried Dear, Klairs’s Midnight Blue Calming Cream too and I love it!

Michelle: Another vote for the Calming Cream! I’m so in love with it that I even got the jumbo version. 🥰 Zoe, I’ve been hearing you rave about SIORIS for a super long time… and I can’t wait to try its stuff!

Zoe: I’m no expert haha, but I once had a really bad case of eczema flareup, which made me super cautious ever since!

Agnes: I’ve also been using a lot of hyaluronic acid. I recently discovered Barr’s Super Balance Brightening Ampoule which is packed with hyaluronic acid. I think the green tea in it is quite soothing for my itch and stingsss.

Zoe: Omg I recently just finished my bottle of Barr ampoule too! What I love most is its finishing. Barr’s definitely a new brand to keep an eye on! 💖

Agnes: WORD 🤙I’m running out of it so I’m using each drop sparingly lol. I’ve been using it on my puffy eyes too – probably caused by dust and pollen in the air. I wonder what other ways are there to make my eyes look less puffy…

Maureen: An eye massager, maybe? I saw from our previous IGTV episode there are many massagers available XD. I personally enjoy chilling my massager before use to maximize its cooling and soothing effects.

Agnes: Good call, let me give that a go!

Michelle: Oh yes, a massager sounds like the perfect thing to add to my evening routine!

Agnes: I think I got myself covered for the rest of this season! This has been super helpful. I’ve been flustered with my allergies kicking in on and off. I’ll have to put all your recommendations to the test!

Zoe: Good luck, girl ~ 🙏🏻

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