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JUICE TO CLEANSE: Cleansing Balm, Oil or Water

We all know double cleansing is imperative to any skin routine, and should be carried out even on days you don’t wear any makeup. The first cleanser not only removes makeup and sunscreen from your face, but also sebum, pollutants and grime that accumulate throughout the day. The second cleanser performs a more thorough cleanse, such as clearing impurities from pores.

Introducing JUICE TO CLEANSE, a K-Beauty brand that focuses on cold-pressed skin care. With aesthetically minimalistic packaging and non-irritating, naturally derived formulations, the brand’s offerings tick all the boxes for me, which is why I opted to try some of its signature products.

For one month, I alternated between the Water Wash Balm, Grain Water Cleansing Oil and Calming Clean Water as my first cleansing step to determine which type of cleanser works best for my skin.

Water Wash Balm

What is it? A water-based cleansing balm that emulsifies upon contact with skin to gently dissolve makeup, sunscreen and sebum without leaving skin stripped of moisture. It’s packed with natural exfoliant papaya extract, alongside complexion-brightening extracts from lemon, mango, lime and pineapple.

In detail:

I was already excited when I saw its bright yellow, velvety-matte container that reminded me of a tub of sorbet!

As usual, I took one scoop and warmed it up using my hands. The balm quickly melted into a thick cream, and then it lathered into light foam as I massaged it onto my skin. Unlike I’m From’s Fig Cleansing Balm, which I’ve only recently emptied, I felt a slight resistance when applying the Water Wash Balm. I found it a bit dry for direct use, but it worked better when I started wetting my hands before warming the product.

Because of the obvious papaya image on the packaging, I expected the cleansing balm to smell like papaya. To my surprise, it gave off a citrusy scent, which I gather is due to the abundance of citrus extracts in the ingredients.

Grain Water Cleansing Oil

What is it? A gentle and watery cleansing oil that quickly melts away stubborn makeup and dirt, leaving skin refreshed and hydrated. It’s formulated with sake (rice ferment filtrate), rice bran oil, oat kernel extract and oil to nourish and gently buff away impurities, and also infused with cold-pressed lime, lemon and papaya juices for a revitalizing boost.

In detail:

The citrus scent again took me by surprise as I was anticipating a more earthy, oat-y aroma.

In comparison to SIORIS’s Fresh Moment Cleansing Oil water-thin viscosity, the Grain Water Cleansing Oil boasts an even thinner watery consistency. It slid on skin well, washed off easily, and left my skin feeling refreshed straight after.

After cleansing, I noticed a little makeup residue on skin as I was drying my face. I always follow up with a second cleanse so that issue was easily cleared away, but I think the cleansing power of this cleansing oil may not be as efficient as others I’ve tried.

Calming Clean Water & 3 Layers Cleansing Cotton Pads

What is it? A low-pH cleansing water formulated with cold-pressed juices from coconut and aloe leaf to provide calming, nourishing benefits alongside effective removal of makeup and grime. It also doubles as a toner.

In detail:

Before I embarked into the world of Asian skin care, I used to swear by micellar water for makeup removal. I was slightly hesitant about this standalone cleanser, as it means using more cotton pads. As a result, I used it only on days when I wore heavy or waterproof makeup.The cleansing water wiped makeup off instantly, and it didn’t cause any stinging to my eyes.

As a toner, it gave a hydrating and refreshing finish that wasn’t sticky. However, I was disappointed that the cleansing water didn’t smell like coconut, one of my favorite aromas! Instead, it smelled like a lightweight variation of the citrus scent from the Grain Water Cleansing Oil.

The cotton pads were super soft on skin. They also didn’t irritate my sensitive skin fresh out of a clay mask session or a hot shower. I believe the cotton pad’s triple-layer construction is more resistant to breaking or fuzzing, which makes it effective when wiping along your skin.

The Verdict

The Water Wash Balm proved to be an effective cleanser that rarely left any makeup residue after use. However, it can be a bit drying on skin as it turns into cleansing foam. It also stung my eyes a little while I was washing away eye makeup.

The Grain Water Cleansing Oil gave me a gentle and hydrating cleanse, but I wasn’t a big fan of its citrus scent. I’m confident that the Calming Clean Water is an effective makeup remover, and it also helped tone my pores and regulate sebum.

All three JUICE TO CLEANSE cleansers fulfilled the cleansing role pretty well, and the water-based formulations left my skin feeling fresh and clean. Though sufficient for my dry skin now during the hot and humid weather, they probably won’t meet my needs when the season changes. However, I can see them being particularly suitable for those with oily or combination skin.

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