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On May 10, OH MY GIRL released their eighth EP Dear OhMyGirl with the lead single Dun Dun Dance. The music video of the nu-disco track features a sci-fi-inspired storyline in which the K-pop group exists in a dimension between reality and a supernatural world. The music video is set mostly on an expansive grassy field with a mountainous backdrop, but we also see the girls engaging in a range of summer activities from visiting beaches, greenhouses and arcades to riding in a convertible and go-kart racing. The occasional sighting of a UFO and various static-filled holograms imbues the otherwise sunshine-y music video with a mysterious air.

In terms of fashion, I’ll be highlighting two main group outfits, as well as a solo outfit from each member. The first group outfit features unexpected juxtaposition, combining sophisticated mini dresses and pearl jewelry with casual pieces like ripped jeans, oversized tees, baseball caps and colorful sneakers. The second group outfit consists of mainly denim pieces, which are embellished with bear prints and bow accents. The members’ solo outfits are more traditionally femme, embracing floral prints, co-ord sets and A-line silhouettes.

Despite mixing glam, sporty, girl-next-door and cutesy energies, the overall style in the Dun Dun Dance  music video is surprisingly cohesive, fresh and wearable. Take a page from how OH MY GIRL uses juxtaposition and repeating motifs to revamp your summer wardrobe with existing basics!

Outfit #1

Showcasing the girls’ duality, the first set of outfits represents both sides of a fun disco night, whether that means getting dolled up in glam LBDs or sporting casual clothing to dance the night away in comfort!

Jiho and Seunghee are clad in figure-flattering straight-neck spaghetti strap mini dresses in black, while Hyojung wears a more playful one-shoulder version with ruffled accents. Binnie also goes for a one-shoulder dress, but in light blue with allover ruching. She pairs the dress with a navy blue blazer to further the classy vibes. Arin’s girlish ensemble includes a white ruffled sleeveless top and a black flap skort with gold buttons.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Mimi dons an easy-breezy oversized white T-shirt featuring the iconic Versace logo. YooA rocks sporty vibes in an all-blue get-up comprising a square-neck tank, rip-knee jeans and a baseball cap.

For accessories, they go darling and elegant with pearl everything. Jiho, Arin and YooA have on matching pearl necklaces, Seunghee has a thin pearl bracelet on each wrist while Hyojung has a chunkier option, and Mimi adorns her ears with pearl hoop earrings. The pearl notes pair seamlessly with Jiho, Seunghee and Hyojung’s LBDs, but on Mimi and YooA’s everyday attire, they add unexpected juxtaposition. Aside from pearls, Arin also incorporates black bow hair clips for a cutesy touch.

For another dose of juxtaposition that makes the outfits instantly streetwear-ready, the members complete their looks with chunky sneakers in highly saturated shades of blue, green, red and pink.

Outfit #2

For the second set of outfits, the OH MY GIRL members are all clothed in denim – but with a bear-y cute twist! The Dun Dun Dance teaser depicts a teddy bear in space, the mini album comes in DUN DUN BEAR and OMG BEAR versions, and a giant grizzly bear appears in the music video. As such, it’s only fitting that the girls also pay homage to this character with their get-ups!

Binnie and Mimi both wear cropped white tees with a teddy bear print, while Seunghee is in a white tank with a teddy bear print. They also accessorize with adorable gummy bear necklaces in various colors! In addition, bear prints are found on Hyojung’s denim shorts and Arin’s jeans.

If you’re not into kitschy embellishments, opt for plain denim staples like Binnie’s light wash flap skort, Jiho’s farm girl chic overalls and YooA’s cropped fray-hem jacket.

Apart from bear prints, another reoccurring motif is the bow. YooA layers a black bow camisole under her denim jacket, while Arin wears a baby pink version. When the girls turn around, we get to see the sweet bows attached to their backs, such as on Jiho’s overalls and Mimi’s shorts! Hyojung’s slouchy pale yellow tee is also enlivened with a tie-back detail.

For hair accessories, the members go for blue to match with the denim outfits, as seen on Hyojung’s headband, Binnie’s scrunchie and YooA’s bobby pins. They wear sneakers again but with a more matchy-matchy take – all are in double-striped long white socks and brown-soled B&W Converses. Both are classic preppy-sporty picks that complement tried-and-true denims.

Solo Outfits


Mowing a lawn in style, Arin wears a blue knit co-ord set consisting of a cropped tank and a front-slit midi skirt. She adds more chicness with heeled white booties and a black bow headband, which matches the black bow hair clips from her earlier outfit. A pair of large studs with dangling dog-shaped pendants keeps things youthful.


While sitting on a large model of Saturn in a field of flowers, Binnie wears a cropped white tee with allover yellow flower print, which is styled with yellow flared floral lace pants. Her beaded bracelets with bear charms keep things summery, but she grounds the look with a pair of black lace-up Docs for a cool, grungy air. The distinctive yellow stitching on the boots go well with the rest of the outfit!


At a disco-ball-lit room with a disco ball microphone in hand, Hyojung wears a knee-length blue-green sequined skirt. To let the skirt shine, she pairs it with a square-neck cropped tank in white. She accessorizes with the same chunky pearl bracelet from her earlier outfit, and a black mesh veil hair clip that adds drama to her stage costume.


Jiho’s trendy outfit consists of a short-sleeve pink tweed jacket (that matches her long pale pink tresses) and distressed straight-leg white jeans. Her tweed jacket comes in a lively pink to make the classic piece less stuffy and to better suit the relaxed white jeans. While her jacket and jeans are simple and monotone, she includes interesting details with a blue-and-white patterned silk scarf and unique off-white split-toe flats.


Kicking butt on the dance machine in a dim arcade, Mimi oozes swagger in a streetwear ensemble: a ribbed white bralette, oversized pink denim jacket, dark wash folded denim shorts, Yankees baseball cap and lace-up Docs. She accessorizes with a yellow bead choker, layered bead bracelets, a rhinestone choker and a silver-tone necklace with a circular pendant.


Reading peacefully in a sunny garden, Seunghee’s short-sleeve red floral mini dress with a ruffled hemline exudes a femme air. Her yellow heart-shaped stud earrings and orange mesh scarf tied into a side bow throw more bright, summery colors into the mix, while her knee-high black lace-up boots keep the look from being too busy.


Enjoying the sea breeze while standing in a moving convertible, YooA turns a basic summer outfit into something more elaborate by layering a square-neck white tank under a green floral camisole with a front bow. She accessorizes with the same pearl necklace from earlier, stacked bead bracelets and a yellow bow hair tie to hold back her effortless ponytail.


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