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With a name that is a portmanteau of “original ingredient’s benefits,” it’s no surprise that Korean skin care brand orinbe is on a mission to highlight natural ingredients. All of orinbe’s products contain at least 10% clean ingredients from Jeju Island and are 100% made in Korea, offering healing beauty products for different skin types.

Although I’d love to be in Jeju enjoying the sun, sea and sand, testing out orinbe’s skin care products is probably the closest I’m going to get for now. With the brand’s vibrantly colored, jumbo-sized packaging and ingredient list featuring plenty of refreshing fruit and vegetable extracts, I’m definitely feeling the summer vibe.

Daily Green pH Balancing Cleansing Foam

This mildly acidic cleansing foam gently removes impurities while deeply moisturizing skin to prevent irritation and to keep its condition healthy and well-balanced. It contains extracts from anise fruit, apple, asparagus, banana flower, vanilla fruit and strawberry, as well as coconut oil and Damask rose water.

The cleansing foam comes in a 250ml green squeeze bottle. I wasn’t a big fan of its strong, artificial scent, which reminded me of Play-Doh but with a coconut-y addition. Aside from smell, the cleanser is white and has a chunky, gritty texture. I wish it had a smoother consistency, as it broke apart into little clumps when I squeezed it out. The cleanser moisturized and soothed my skin, but I don’t think it left my skin feeling as cleansed, smooth and refined as other cleansers.

Colorfood Keep Calm Washoff Mask

The washoff mask features mineral-rich Jeju lava seawater and vitamin-rich Jeju carrot extract to brighten and refresh skin. It contains ceramide and panthenol to strengthen skin, as well as aloe vera, centella asiatica and camellia sinensis extracts to calm irritation. The mask is also infused with oils from sunflower seed, jojoba seed, orange peel, lavender, sandalwood, peanut and rice bran.

Similar to the cleansing foam, the washoff mask comes in a squeeze bottle but in a smaller 120ml. The bottle is transparent, which allows the mask’s bold yellow color to show through. Its sharp scent is an unusual combination of calming lavender and zesty citrus. Like with the cleansing foam, I found it hard to apply the washoff mask because it would break off into little chunks. Because of the mask’s thick and sticky texture, it left a shiny finish on my skin after application. Thankfully, it emulsified into a milky color and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily after washing it off. I enjoyed the small exfoliating particles in the mask, and how clean, refreshed and glowing my skin looked and felt after use.

Pure Romance Ampoule

One of orinbe’s bestsellers, the Pure Romance Ampoule soothes and revitalizes dry skin. It contains panthenol, betaine, beta-glucan and ten types of hyaluronic acid to offer moisturizing, brightening, firming and wrinkle-improving effects. The formula also contains natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, Damask rose water and extracts from pear, melon, carrot, iris and ivy. It’s formulated without artificial colorants and fragrances, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Ampoules are usually quite small and run out quickly, so I was surprised by the massive 150ml size of this pretty peachy-pink bottle! The ampoule has the most subtle scent of the three products, with faintly sweet notes from its floral and fruit infusions. The clear formula applies smoothly and coats skin well, feeling lightweight but still substantial. It moisturized my skin without leaving a greasy finish, and was quickly and easily absorbed.

Overall Thoughts

I am rather sensitive to smells, so the fragrance of skin care products greatly influences my experience. As such, I found it hard to enjoy the Daily Green pH Balancing Cleansing Foam and Colorfood Keep Calm Washoff Mask. Furthermore, the cleansing foam did not leave my skin feeling sufficiently cleansed. Despite some drawbacks, the washoff mask helped revitalize and refine my skin texture, making it good for an occasional boost.

My favorite of the three would have to be the Pure Romance Ampoule, with its subtle scent and gentle formulation. It also feels great on skin and has been working well for me thus far – which is perfect, since I have a whole 150ml bottle to go through!

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