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What is a Moon Bath?

Moon rituals are ceremonial practices that date back to ancient Egypt and Babylonia when many beliefs and aspects of life were linked to nature. Today, the moon bath has become a popular wellness activity, similar to practicing meditation, breathwork and reiki. Bathing rituals themed around the moon usually correspond with different phases of the lunar cycle.


Do Moon Baths Really Help?

Moon baths are embraced as a self-care ritual for healing, relaxation and boosting skin health. What are the benefits of moon bathing? A relaxing bath can help alleviate stress and anxiety while improving blood circulation. It can also help restore balance to hormone levels, as warm water bathing is known to increase serotonin (a chemical that makes you feel good). Ideally, moon baths are customized according to the bather’s needs. Add essentials oils and dried herbs in the tub to set the mood, or surround the space with healing crystals to create a tranquil and calming atmosphere – whatever works for you!


How Do You Take a Moon Bath?

1. First, clean!

Start by giving your bathroom and tub a proper clean! It’s important to bathe in a clean space, and not just for hygienic reasons. This task also serves as a ritualistic step that symbolizes the elimination of bad energy. After giving your bathtub a good scrub, rinse it properly with hot water before you start running the water.


2. Create your desired bath water

Let the water run, and make sure the temperature suits you. Then gradually add in bath salts and oils to create your desired bath soak mixture. Bath salts are rich in minerals that help relax tense muscles and alleviate fatigue. While essential oils aren’t advised for topical use, adding 4 to 6 drops into your bath water is totally fine. Depending on the type of oil you choose, it can have different effects – for instance, myrrh oil boasts calming effects that also help relieve symptoms of dry skin.

3. Set the mood

The atmosphere of your moon bath should feel right for you. If you’re looking to relax, start by dimming the lights and set out a few candles. Nature sounds, which have calming and relaxing effects on the human mind, help diminish anxiety. Or if you have a go-to playlist that delivers feel-good vibes, turn it on! If you feel like reading, get a stand that’s versatile enough for a hardback novel or tablet. It’s important to make this ritual in line with your mood and personal preferences.

4. Stay hydrated

Keep a glass or jug of water nearby in case you get thirsty. When the body feels hot, it perspires more, which is why we feel especially thirsty after a long bath or shower. Place a beverage within reach of the tub so you can stay hydrated while you bathe!

5. Do your skin care routine

While soaking in all the goodness of your personalized bath water, take the self-care ritual up a notch by tending to your skin care needs. Sheet-masking or clay-masking while bathing is not only relaxing but can also boost the skin care effects, as it’s similar to getting a facial in a steam room. While the warm bath water gets your blood circulation pumping, lightly massage your skin with a rose quartz face roller. Moon rituals often incorporate some form of healing crystals, and rose quartz is believed to possess healing energy that helps restore peace, harmony and serenity.

6. Magic touches

Once you finish the bath, gently pat your body dry with a soft and comfy towel. Finish off your skin care routine with nourishing oils and ointments to lock in all the moisture and nutrients.

A moon bath offers time for relaxation and contemplation. If any sparks of creativity came into your mind during the bath, don’t forget to jot them down after. It’s also important to clean up. Make sure the bathwater is drained properly, as mindfulness in returning the space to its original state is just as important as setting up

Takeaway thoughts

Indulging in a moon bath every once in a while is a cathartic, intimate and personal experience. As a self-care ritual, the moon bath is all about creating a safe space that allows the bather to relax and reflect on one’s needs and emotions.


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