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During my pre-pandemic life, I already had a habit of washing my hands often, so a good hand cream was a must in my personal hygiene routine. However, now that I wash and sanitize my hands more frequently, they need extra attention. 

I need a hand cream that adds moisture back into my dry hands and also moisturizes my dry cuticles. COSRX is one of the first K-Beauty brands I loved, and most of the products I’ve tried from the brand so far have worked for my skin. When COSRX launched hand creams, I was excited to try them, so I decided to give the Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream’s Light and Intense versions a go.

Do the hand creams from the COSRX’s Balancium range help combat dryness while treating dry cuticles? Read on for my review to find out. 

Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Light

Key ingredients: Balancium Ceramide-6 Complex and hyaluronic acid 

My experience: The main difference between the Light and Intense versions is the texture. The Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Light has a very lightweight texture that absorbs into skin almost instantly. Despite its featherlight formula, the cream keeps my hands hydrated and leaves them feeling soft post-handwashing. 

This is a great hand cream to keep on your work desk. I find myself reaching for it every time I wash my hands throughout the day, and my hands still feel hydrated by the end of the day. It also leaves behind a refreshing citrus scent that I can’t get enough of it makes me want to slather it on every chance I get! 

If you want a hand cream to stash in your bag when you’re out and about, this is a good option, thanks to its leak-proof tube packaging that can fit even in a small handbag. 

Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Intense

Key ingredients: Balancium Ceramide-6 Complex and shea butter

My experience: The Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Intense has a thicker balm texture compared to the Light version. I thought it would leave a greasy feeling, but it’s the opposite. Like the Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Light, the Intense version is a fast-absorbing hand cream.

I prefer using this cream at night since it feels like a dry skin treatment that provides my hands with intense nourishment. This hand cream doesn’t just hydrate my dry hands and cuticles, but it also helps repair my hangnails. I like to mix a few drops of cuticle oil with the hand cream and massage the concoction onto my dry cuticles for double the nourishment and protection. 

The Intense version has the same refreshing scent as the Light one, so they’re both a treat to use on hands. While both hand creams are packed with ceramides, which strengthen and protect the skin barrier, the Intense version keeps my hands hydrated for longer since it’s formulated with shea butter, an emollient that provides deep nourishment. When my hands feel rough to the touch, I can count on this cream to reverse that, leaving me with soft and smooth hands.

My Final Thoughts 

Do these hand creams help combat dryness while treating my dry cuticles? My answer is: yes, they do. While both versions moisturize and soften my cuticles, I find that the Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Intense provides longer-lasting hydration for my hands and cuticles than the Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Light. Even though the hand creams have different textures, they’re both fast-absorbing and don’t leave a sticky finish.

Since these formulas are packed with ceramides, you can’t go wrong with either version to get hydrating and barrier-strengthening benefits. For a daily hand cream, keep the Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Light by your side throughout the day. If your hands are extremely dry or rough, go for the Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Intense.

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