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Refresh your vanity, desk, home and wardrobe with color inspo based on your birthstone! Can’t find your birthday month here? Head over to Part One for June to November birthstones.

December: Turquoise

In crystal healing, turquoise is known as the master healer of gemstones, as it symbolizes protection, health and wisdom. Its cool and tantalizing teal color exudes sophistication and a sense of calmness. If you’re looking to revamp your space with a dose of serenity with a vibrant edge, turquoise is a great choice! Incorporating turquoise-colored clothing and accessories into your outfits adds a spirited and joyful touch to the looks!

Fun fact: Turquoise has been held in high regard in many cultures for centuries. In Egyptian culture, it’s believed that pharaohs used to wear turquoise adornments not only to boast their noble status, but also to ward off evil spirits.


January: Garnet

Rubies may attract all the attention when it comes to red gemstones, but garnets give off a more grounded aura with their earthier-toned color. In crystal healing, garnets – which can be found in a variety of intense deep reds − possess many positive qualities. Like a shot of espresso, the gemstone is known for its revitalizing capabilities, making it a great energizer and confidence-booster for those who wear its color. In traditional Chinese medicine, garnets are believed to improve the body’s flow of chi by clearing energy blockage and promoting emotional clarity.

Fun fact: The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word “granatus” that means “contains many seeds.” The origin of the gemstone’s name references its similar appearance to pomegranate seeds.


February: Amethyst

Amethyst is a favorite among spiritual healers and crystal enthusiasts because of its versatile effects and beautiful color. Incorporating the stone’s soft, violet-lilac color into one’s interior and decor is believed to encourage productivity and creativity. When implemented in clothing, the gentle color exudes a calming mood and feminine appeal.

Fun fact: In Greek mythology, Amethysto was a girl who was subjected to the drunken wrath of Dionysus (the Greek God of Wine). Answering her plea for help, Goddess Artemis turned the girl into a piece of white quartz. After Dionysus sobered up and realized what he had done, he shed tears into his goblet of red wine. The wine was spilled over the white quartz, which became a purplish quartz now known as amethyst.


March: Aquamarine

As its name suggests, aquamarine stems from the Latin term “aqua marinus” meaning “water of the sea.” The pale blue to mint green color of the gem beryl gives off a soothing impression. In spiritual healing, aquamarine is associated with promoting serenity and letting go of the past. Its gentle blue color can add a calming yet rejuvenating touch to your wardrobe, home and work space.

Fun fact: In ancient Rome, due to aquamarine’s association to the sea, sailors would carry the gem as a talisman to protect them during their voyage.


April: Clear Quartz

Known as the “king of quartz,” clear quartz is associated with light, clarity and reflection. The crystalline mineral can also function as an amplifier for other gemstones’ effects. Its aesthetic and color can be translated into interior and decor settings using widely accessible materials like acrylic or glass. The ultra-modern transparent look will make small and confined spaces feel more spacious and bright! Clear-colored accessories have a unique appeal that can elevate tailored looks with a contemporary yet retro-futuristic touch.

Fun fact: The modern-day birthstone for April is actually diamond, but clear quartz is preferred as a more accessible and common alternative.


May: Emerald

Throughout history, emeralds were cherished by the rich and royals of various cultures as it was believed that the rare stone possessed psychic and clairvoyant abilities. In color psychology, this vivid green signifies prosperity, renewal and vitality. Emerald green gives off a luxurious feel, so the color can boost your outfits with sophisticated confidence. The color also works wonders in giving any space a touch of calm by restoring equilibrium and elegance into the surroundings.

Fun fact: The emerald color was used extensively by artists in the 1800s. For example, master impressionist painters like Cezanne and Monet used emerald green in many of their landscape pieces.



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