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Apart from sunscreen, another must-have on any skin care list is a moisturizer to keep skin refreshed and hydrated, especially throughout the summer months! Products from the SKIN HOUSE are based on pure and natural ingredients, and the K-Beauty brand’s recently released fruit-themed face creams all sound super refreshing. These new creams are an invitation to up my summer skin care game!

The line includes Honey Lemon Face Cream, Avocado Sorbet Face Cream and Watermelon Face Cream, which all contain fruit ingredients and offer different hydrating, brightening and moisturizing effects. As the saying goes, “We are what we eat,” and fruits are packed with nutrients. Besides eating fruits, feeding them to our skin is another way to enjoy the benefits of fruits!

Read on to find out which of the SKINHOUSE’s fruitilicious face creams made it into my summer skin care routine!


Key ingredients include lemon fruit extract to revitalize dull skin and honey extract to keep skin smooth and moisturized. It also contains soothing and nourishing ingredients like adenosine and squalane to soften skin texture.

My take

This is my favorite of the three face creams! I love the Honey Lemon Face Cream’s creamy balm-like texture that feels as soft as hand cream but for the face. It glided seamlessly onto my skin, including the dry patches under my chin. The only thing I didn’t like was the smell, which reminded me of clay or Playdough. Although this cream has the thickest consistency out of the trio, I still had to apply more than one layer to get sufficient moisture for my skin. The key ingredients worked wonders overnight, as I woke up the next morning with soft, smooth and brighter skin. I’ll definitely continue using this cream because of the impressive results during my trial. Highly recommended!

Key ingredients include avocado extract (containing Vitamin C and Vitamin E) to smooth and nourish skin, and melon extract (containing Vitamin A and C) to calm and repair skin. It also contains shea butter and jojoba seed oil to form a protective layer over skin, lock in moisture and reduce inflammation.

My take

At first glance, the Avocado Sorbet Face Cream perfectly mimics the look of delicious fruit sorbet. Its soft, buttery texture is similar to that of I DEW CARE’s Green Tea Wash-Off Mask,which I tried a few months ago. From the moment I applied it on my face, the cream absorbed quickly into skin with a slightly translucent finish.  I assume its texture comes from the avocado and shea butter. Overall, the cream felt good on skin. The formula was non-greasy, super blendable and hydrating.  However, I didn’t notice any visible changes to my skin after a few weeks of use.

Key ingredients include watermelon extract, adenosine and allantoin, which all work together to intensely hydrate skin. It also calms irritated skin with aloe vera extract.

My take

The Watermelon Face Cream comes in a transparent, watery gel texture that instantly made me think of the aloe vera gel that I use on sunburnt skin. As the cream contains watermelon and aloe vera ingredients, I knew it would be uber-cooling, so I put it in the fridge beforehand to experience the cooling effect to the maximum.

Its gel-like texture spreads evenly, and gradually transforms into liquid once applied on skin. The lightweight water-type formula moisturized my skin without feeling greasy. I don’t have irritated or sensitive skin so I can’t attest to its calming properties, but the cream supplied a cooling sensation that is especially ideal during scorching hot weather. It also left a refreshing, dewy finish. My combination skin absorbed the cream in a matter of seconds for an immediate but temporary moisturizing effect. For further moisturization, I advise using a hydrating sheet mask after applying this cream.

Final Verdict

My skin loved the SKIN HOUSE’s face creams as they’re gentle on skin and didn’t cause any irritations or breakouts during the trial.  All in all, the trio did their job in moisturizing and hydrating my skin, though the effects weren’t as long-lasting as I anticipated. My favorite of the three creams is the Honey Lemon Face Cream because it delivered the most visible effects in a short period of time.

Fruit-based skin care is great to include in any skin care routine because fruits are rich in nutrients, particularly vitamins that are beneficial for skin. If you’re a fan of fruity skin care, then the SKIN HOUSE’S face creams should be at the center of your vanity.

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