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Staying home tonight? That tends to be my typical Friday night. I take a warm shower, slip into snug pajamas, switch on the television and stuff myself with a bag of chips while Karen tells Cady “on Wednesdays, we wear pink.” It isn’t exactly the most productive activity, but after a long week of work, I deserve to curl into a couch for my own private movie night.

Yes, junk food may be bad for my skin, and staying up all night is not going to help my raccoon eyes. But who says we can’t multitask? It’s time to practice some much-needed self-care while binge-watching movies!

Movie marathons are the best time to put on some treatment masks. Face mask, hair mask, foot mask – you name it! Here are some masks and treatments to try during your Netflix binge.

COSRX’s Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask &… Miss Congeniality

Everyone dreams of getting one of those Hollywood movie makeovers. In Miss Congeniality, FBI agent Gracie Hart, a.k.a. Gracie Lou Freebush, goes through a drastic transformation to go undercover at the Miss USA pageant. With her brains and occasional clumsiness, Gracie thwarts a bomb threat, finds a new circle of friends, and picks up some style and beauty pointers –because women can kick ass AND look their best! To achieve your own glow-up, look no further than COSRX’s Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask. It’s enriched with 65% rice extract and niacinamide that soften and brighten your skin. And guess what? This overnight mask can double as a daily moisturizer! Just wash the mask off in the morning and finish your skin care routine with the same mask. For your movie night, throw on a thick layer, cheer on Gracie and her antics, and welcome the new and improved you!

TOSOWOONG’s Repair Sleeping Hair Pack &… Tangled

Every day, we come in contact with environmental stressors that could wreak havoc on not only our complexion but also our hair. However, we often neglect our manes, thinking just shampoo and conditioner will do the trick. Add something extra to your hair care routine while admiring Rapunzel’s luscious locks in Disney’s Tangled! TOSOWOONG’s Repair Sleeping Hair Pack treats dry and damaged locks with an infusion of sunflower seed oil, argan oil and royal jelly extract (so regal, just like Rapunzel!) that moisturizes and nourishes hair overnight. The best part about this hair pack? It’s rinse-free. Hopefully, Rapunzel’s magical tresses will cast some healing effects on your hair too!

NEGOGEN’s Dermalogy A-Clear Soothing Overnight Mask &… Eighth Grade

Blackheads? Acne breakouts? Feeling like you’re in eighth grade again? Relive your middle school nightmares memories through the aptly named coming-of-age comedy Eighth Grade. Just like middle schooler Kayla Day, you have to encourage yourself to persevere through the tough times, including that annoying pimple cluster on your forehead. Pop on a layer of NEOGEN’s Dermalogy A-Clear Soothing Overnight Mask and allow its blend of salicylic acid and naturally derived exfoliants to rid your face of blemishes!

PUREDERM’s Shiny & Soft Foot Peeling Mask &… A Quentin Tarantino Movie

The director of classics like Pulp Fiction and Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood is not shy about his foot fetish. His heroines and femme fatales alike have bared their soles on the silver screen. Pressed against the windshield. Flung on movie theater chairs. Twisting furiously on the dance floor. Eager to achieve baby soft feet? Try PUREDERM’s Shiny & Soft Foot Peeling Mask for thorough foot peeling. Simply put on the mask as if you’re putting on socks, watch a Tarantino movie, remove the mask in 1.5 hours, and rinse with water. The shedding process takes a week, but you’ll be rocking beautiful feet in no time!


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