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“Shine bright like a diamond,” sang Rihanna. You too can shine like a goddess by perfecting the trendy “glass skin” look that originated from South Korea.

Glass skin refers to a translucent and luminous complexion. Rather than applying heaps of makeup, the glass skin look emphasizes using light makeup that’s built upon well-hydrated skin. Before applying makeup, you may want to throw on a sheet mask or spritz some hydration mist. Scroll through for glass makeup must-haves and tips to becoming a radiating goddess.


Right before applying makeup, use a primer to prep your base. In lightweight formulations, primers are designed to maintain a long-lasting and seamless makeup look. They even out bumpy textures and make pores and creases less apparent by creating a smooth canvas for makeup. Primers such as VDL’s Lumilayer Primer tend to boost radiance with illuminating features for a bright and clear complexion.


For a porcelain effect, use foundation that gives a radiant finish, not a matte result. Medium coverage works best to build up the glass look without appearing cakey. Voted GLOWPICK’s Consumer’s New Product of the Month, moonshot’s Micro Correctfit Foundation is a perfect option to achieve a flawless glass makeup look with its lightweight texture adhering smoothly onto skin. As a booster, add a few drops of daytime facial oil into the foundation for an extra glistening glow.

Bronzer and blush

For definition and depth, use a bronzer and blush. Stick to colors that complement your skin tone as a luminous, translucent look is easier to achieve with shades familiar to your skin. Bronzers give skin a glow and are a must for those who want to look tan or to contour the face. SELF BEAUTY’s Editor’s Pick Glam Up Bronzer is an ideal choice to blend into areas of your face where sunlight hits – under the cheekbones and temples, forehead and along the jawline − for a sculpted look. After bronzer, go with a shimmery rosy blush on your cheeks to add character to the glass effect. The Saem’s Saemmul Cream Stick Blusher and AMUSE’s Soft Cream Cheek are both great contenders.


Highlighters illuminate skin and give the ultimate shimmery, glass-like effect. Liquid highlighters work best when trying to achieve a dewy and radiant appearance. Otherwise, cream or compact highlighters like CLIO’s Prism Air Highlighter offer similar shimmery and translucent brilliance with a smooth finish. Apply highlighter on the cheekbone, brow bone and Cupid’s bow, and apply just a smidge on the bridge of your nose and center of your forehead.


Finish off your glass makeup look with a glossy lippy that doesn’t look sticky or tacky. Though it takes time and effort, you can achieve the plump look by exfoliating lips with a lip scrub beforehand. Or, use a lip liner to outline lips before applying gloss. A transparent gloss or any that suits your lip color works. romand’s Glasting Water Gloss does the job, leaving a moisturized and non-sticky layer over lips, and it blends well when combined with other lip products. MACQUEEN’s Serum Tint delivers a similar outcome, but with a stronger pigment.

Hydration mist

As a final touch, spritz skin with a hydration mist or setting spray. Known to prevent dryness and to brighten and revitalize dull and tired skin, hydration mists and setting sprays typically contain moisture-binding ingredients (like hyaluronic acid) to keep skin luminescent and dewy. This final step can minimize flaky makeup. It doesn’t hurt to keep one in your bag for a midday thirst quench for skin. SIORIS’s Time is Running Out Mist comes in a mini size.  


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