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Aptly named the Kwijeu Edition – kwi-jeu (퀴즈) is how you say “quiz” in Korean – the fourth edition of YesStyle’s INSSAKIT is paired with a quiz on After answering five questions, you’ll know which self-care kit matches you best: De-Stress, Energize or Nourish.

The YesStylists had fun taking the quiz and trying out the kits. TAKE THE QUIZ to see which team you belong to, and check out what’s inside the box below!

Comprised of products from Korean brands, each INSSAKIT includes six skin care items, two makeup items, and two lifestyle items or beauty tools. The colorful, candy-inspired boxes are made of recyclable paper and printed in eco-friendly soy ink. Here’s a general idea of the skin care ingredients featured in each set:

De-Stress: Soothing ingredients such as lavender, chamomile and centella asiatica
Energize: Revitalizing ingredients such as Vitamin C and cacao extract
Nourish: Ingredients to repair and strengthen the skin barrier such as ginseng and snail mucin

Team De-Stress 😰

😐 Michelle:

NAMING – Sheer Tinted Lip Balm (Dayz)
“As wearing face masks is still the norm and my lips get less attention these days, wearing tinted lip balm allows me to feel glammed up without being overly made-up. This product is more of a sheer lipstick with hydrating properties than a lip balm. It’s not uber-moisturizing, but it’ll keep your smackers plumped-up and pretty if you top up every once in a while. I’m defo keeping NAMING’s lip balm in my tote for those moments when some extra hydration is called for – or simply a mood boost!”

MINEST – Spectrum Change Eyeshadow (Sunset)
“I always find experimenting with eye makeup a great way to relax. This dual eye shadow comprising of a matte pinkish red shade and a glittery coppery rose shade is a real gem. At first I wasn’t sure if the red shade is compatible with my olive skin tone, but it proved highly wearable despite the color’s intensity, which is rare for me when using Korean eye shadows. The only downside is that some serious blending was required when using this selection, which is ok when I’m not in a rush for work!”

GRAFEN – Edge Finger Shampoo Brush
“Having a scalp massage to look forward to at the end of a long day is a godsend! You need not worry about the brush bristles being too sharp as they’re so soft and bendy. In fact, I would have preferred a tad harder bristles for a more invigorating scalp massage. That said, this is a minor quibble regarding a great product. Whether used on wet or dry hair and scalp, it helped release all that tension in my head. I can’t yet attest to the brush’s ability to improve my scalp health long-term, but maybe someday I’ll wake up to thicker, glossier locks?”

TWOSTP – Lavender Pearl Mask
“The mask sheet felt thick and sturdy. The essence, which included lavender extracts for soothing care and pearl extracts for brightening effects, was rich but not gooey. The mask’s design, particularly the eye perforations, was too small and unwieldy for my face, and I had to tear the sheet apart slightly so it didn’t obscure my vision. The plasticky smell also gave me pause although it quickly dissipated. In terms of efficacy, I’ll still rate TWOSTP’s mask quite highly as I woke up to softer, smoother and glowier skin the next morning.”

🙀 Maureen :

Abib – Calming Facial Heartleaf Stone
“Despite all the rage about heartleaf in skin care, this was  my first time trying a heartleaf product. I usually don’t go for bar soaps for cleansing anything except my makeup brushes, but the Calming Facial Heartleaf Stone took me by surprise with its rich, smooth foam. Its cleansing power over blackheads may be a bit less than AHA or BHA cleansers, but for those with sensitive skin or people who’d like to reduce packaging waste, this bar soap is a definite go-to.”

KEEP COOL – Ocean Deep Blue Oil Self Ritual Kit
“I fell in love with this kit at first glance! The heart-shaped rose quartz gua sha massager looks uber-romantic, and the blue oil is surprisingly lightweight and unscented. The blue color comes from eggplant, turmeric and chinaberry extracts, so it’s 100% natural. Despite its name, none of the ingredients in the formula come from the ocean. Nonetheless, it’s a very soothing oil that changed my perception of facial oils. Using the blue oil with the gua sha massager is a total delight at the end of a tiring day or outdoor activities under the sun.”

Bellflower – Azulene Daily Calming Serum
“Who doesn’t love azulene, especially if you have sensitive skin? The chamomile-derived ingredient is known for its calming benefits. This serum is the most soothing version I’ve tried in recent years. Unlike the aquamarine color of KEEP COOL’s oil, the Bellflower serum is in a blue color that leans more towards periwinkle, yet both are easy on the eye!”

lookATME – Self-Heating Gentle Warm Eye Mask
“I thought most self-heating eye masks are similar but this one from lookAtME wins my heart with its cute sleeping sloth print! Unlike some that can feel flimsy or rough on skin, this eye mask is comfortably padded and felt luxuriously smooth. The ear loops are made from fabric so they didn’t tug my hair or ears.”

BABOSARANG – Skull Tea Infuser
“This is the most intriguing among the five items I tried as it made me wonder how a skull-shaped tea infuser could ease my stress. The jaw is a bit hard to open, though it secures the loose tea leaves well inside. One good thing about this tea infuser is that it’s made of silicone, so it’s easy to clean and doesn’t create a clink, scratch or indentation when you drop it. The design is inspired by the story of Korean Buddhist monk Wonhyo who unknowingly drank water from a skull, and then came to the realization that reality depends on perception. I sometimes play with this infuser like a stress ball.”

Team Energize 💪

🔮 Zoe:

MARY & MAY – Idebenone + Blackberry Complex Serum
“I’ve been meaning to try clean skin care brand MARY & MAY ever since fellow editor Melanie reviewed its extensive collection of serums.  This serum boasts a mild scent, with a golden yellow color and a face-oil-like consistency that was surprisingly lightweight and quick-absorbent. Half a drop was enough to cover my entire face, leaving my skin bright and soft. The serum worked well for me both morning and night, whether it’s preparing my skin for makeup or for bed.”

MINEST – Spectrum Change Eyeshadow #01 Sunrise
“This summery dual eye shadow comes in compact packaging with a transparent cover tinted in a bright, chartreuse color. The eye shadows looked mellower with the cover on, so I was a little taken aback when I saw the electrifying matte pink and gold glitter shades underneath, appropriately named Neon Pink and Sunlight. The shades work well individually but are too vibrant for my everyday makeup preferences. I applied them in a two-tone, gradient effect when I wanted bolder eye makeup, or I blended the two shades together for a more soft-glam look.”

TOSOWOONG – Magic Massage Ball
“I’ve tried face rollers and other skin care devices before, but the Magic Massage Ball is the first one on my list that can be used on both the face and body. The massager glides easily and is incredibly cooling on skin even after a good few minutes of use. Though I found the ball a little clumsy to maneuver around my face, it was easy to use around my neck, shoulders and calves – perfect for relaxing and cooling my tensed muscles after a long day at work!”

🙌 Agnes:

I DEW CARE – Say You Dew Moisturizing Vitamin C Gel + Cream
“I normally wouldn’t go for creams that require mixing, but this version hit the jackpot! The dual-layered formula has a gel layer infused with lemon extracts, and a Vitamin C-rich cream layer that is packed with banana extract. As instructed, I used the provided spatula to mix the gel and cream layers. It felt like I was mixing my Chobani yogurt. I loved the citrusy scent and cool texture as I applied a nice dollop onto my skin. A little goes a long way as it was deeply moisturizing.”

PETITFEE –  Cacao Energizing Hydrogel Eye Mask
“This hydrogel eye mask is enriched with cacao extract and cacao seed butter. I expected the caffeine to stimulate my eyes to make them look awake. It was hard to keep the mask in place without it slipping, but I didn’t have this problem when lying down. My reward: hydrated eyes that looked a little brighter and felt refreshed.”

KAHI – Cream Cleansing Foam
“This cleansing foam’s salmon complex formulation intrigued me since I’ve never imagined using salmon on my skin. As salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids, it’s no surprise this face cleanser has anti-aging benefits. The formula smelled nice − nothing fishy − and its lightweight texture foamed up as I massaged it onto my face. However, my skin felt over-cleansed after use. As I luckily don’t have much fine lines and wrinkles to work with, I also didn’t notice much anti-aging benefits.”

🔥 Melanie:

“This lip gloss has a subtle pink tint that enhances the natural color of my lips – one swipe really goes a long way! Sometimes I use it as a base layer to add  extra shine to my other lipsticks. The formula is also packed with skin-loving ingredients like honey extract and fruit seed oils, which instantly moisturize skin. Bonus points for the addictive vanilla scent!”

orinbe – Hyaluronic Acid Energy Ampoule
“I want my skin to feel hydrated, especially at night, and this ampoule promises to give skin a hydrating burst of energy with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and Jeju oat extract. My skin felt plump the next morning, and I definitely noticed a difference in my skin’s glow after using this ampoule for a week!”

heimish – Black Tea Mask Pack
“I enjoyed applying this mask on my face – it’s buttery texture glided smoothly onto my skin. It also boasted a light and pleasant scent that wasn’t too overpowering. While I couldn’t attest to the product’s skin-firming effects, this wash-off mask left my skin uber-soft and fresh with a post-wash glow, thanks to skin-calming ingredients like black tea and aloe vera!”

Team Nourish 😌

🙈 Sarah:

BABOSARANG“Between Calm and Passion” Undated Work & Life Monthly Planner
“This planner has such a romantic and elegant aesthetic. Mine came in a peach color, with rounded edges and gold-tone text of “BETWEEN CALM AND PASSION” in English on the spine and in Korean on the cover. The planner includes plenty of unique layouts such as to-do lists, mind maps, a world map, pages with lines and grids, monthly schedule pages split into ‘work’ and ‘life,’ and more. No matter what format you like to use to organize your tasks and appointments, this planner has got you covered.”

Beauty of JoseonRepair Serum
“I’ve long wanted to try Beauty of Joseon’s products, which make use of hanbang ingredients and come in luxurious packaging. The Repair Serum, which offers anti-wrinkle, brightening, nourishing and elasticity-improving effects while promoting cell regeneration, is probably meant for more mature skin types. Although it isn’t a perfect match for my skin type and problems, I still greatly enjoyed its formula. Enriched with ginseng root water and snail secretion filtrate, the brown-colored, full-bodied serum coats skin well and makes it feel hydrated and silky soft. I also appreciated that it was scentless and non-irritating, but wish the formula left a less sticky finish.”

daymellowHoney Reishi Nourishing Cream
“Last year, I tried two products from daymellow’s BlueMarine collection and loved them both, so I was excited for my second experience with the brand. The Honey Reishi Nourishing Cream comes in a grayish-beige color and is housed in a matte peach-colored square container. The cream is formulated with reishi mushroom stem extract, honey extract, hyaluronic acid and a blend of plant oils to calm and revitalize skin, leaving it firm and radiant. Its highly concentrated texture delivers intensive moisture, but it felt too greasy to me. I also thought the cream’s lavender scent was too strong. It’s probably well-suited to those with very dry and sensitive skin.”

Dr. CeuracleGanghwa Rice Granule Pack
“As a foodie, I’m always intrigued by skin care that features food ingredients. The Ganghwa Rice Granule Pack contains 30% rice extract and three different types of natural grain powders. It offers a plethora of benefits, including exfoliating, brightening, hydrating and revitalizing skin. The scrub mask also strengthens the skin barrier and reduces pore size. The pack has an off-white color and a chunky, creamy consistency that makes it look like oatmeal, especially with the small brown specks allover. It easily formed a thin, even layer, and left my skin very soft and smooth. My only qualm was its grainy yet slightly sweet scent, which was too strong for me.”

MINESTSpectrum Change Eyeshadow (#02 Afternoon)
“Admittedly, I’m not much of a fan of eye makeup, be it bold colors or eye-catching glitters. However, I was immediately drawn to the dreamy names of the two colors: Neon Orange (a buildable tangerine base shadow) and Warm Sunshine (a pearlescent rose gold glitter). Both apply smoothly with minimal fallout, although I experienced some difficulty with removal. They layer together beautifully, but can also be used on their own. MINEST suggests using the base shadow as a blush and the glitter as a highlighter, which I’ve yet to try. This eye shadow is great for an extra summery boost on special occasions!”

😅 Joyce:

CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Ampoule
“The ampoule faded some fine lines along my forehead caused by dry skin. The formula’s viscous, transparent texture leaves skin feeling hydrated. It also has a relaxing herbal scent.”

Keep in Touch – Ice Jelly Cheek Blusher
“This blush is perfect for a natural, subdued look. It does take a lot of product for the shade (Nude Dazzling) to be visible. But the blush is buildable and incredibly lightweight on skin.”

TIRTIR – Collagen Lifting Eye Cream
“Every night before bed, I massaged the light and creamy eye cream into my eye region in a circular motion. The steel massage applicator was a fun feature.”

OSEQUE – Silky Bright Enzyme Powder Facial Wash
“This powder face wash is probably the most fascinating product from this set. I expected the face wash to be a light physical exfoliator since the powder particles are not fine. However, once I lathered up the powder particles in water, it quickly dissolved into a fine foam. The facial wash has a beautiful scent, and it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight after cleansing.”

This review only covers selected items in the kits. Head to YesStyle’s product page to see the full product lists!

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