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Bold, beautiful and daring looks are integral to the aesthetics of Korean cosmetics brand FORENCOS, which has been lighting up the beauty scene since 1988. Blending vintage vibes with cosmopolitan energy, the brand offers a wide selection of makeup for attaining effortless glam, as well as skin care for hydrated and nourished skin. Whether it’s a lip tint with serious staying power, an eyeliner for creating the perfect feline flick, or a cleansing oil that thoroughly lifts impurities, FORENCOS has plenty of options to choose from. What’s more, the organic and cruelty-free formulas all feature natural ingredients extracted through a high-tech process designed to preserve potency, and the brand’s ultra-femme aesthetics will please girly girls everywhere.

From cult fave lip tints to classic eye shadow palettes, it’s time to learn more about this gem of a brand!

Luscious Lips

Coming in matte and glossy formulations, FORENCOS’s tattoo tints are makeup bag must-haves. The crown jewel of the FORENCOS lip collection is undoubtedly the Tattoo Clair Velvet Tint, a rich and velvety matte available in 21 delicious shades that are guaranteed to impress makeup junkies. Delivering intense and long-lasting color without drying lips out, this tint is perfect for anchoring makeup looks ranging from the MLBB to the show-stopping. Grab the warm rose shade for a brunch date, or the vampy red for midnight vibes.

Equally arresting are the Mattoo Tint, with an ultra-matte and kiss-proof formula in vintage colors, and the Tattoo Wonder Velvet Tint, which offers the richness of a lip crayon in vibrant colors like candy pink and neon peach. For an everyday lip look that will turn heads, opt for Tattoo Medium Velvet Tint, which combines a smooth, weightless finish with colors that hit the sweet spot between natural-looking and mood-boosting. For a soft, sensual finish that is more girl-next-door than vintage pin-up, look to the brand’s Tattoo Glass Tint, a classic lip gloss, and the Tattoo Chiffon Tint, a watery tint offering a dreamy wash of color.

Having a hard time choosing between the different formulas? Maybe it’s time to add the All About Tattoo Tint 41 Colors Book Special Set to your wish list. Comprising all FORENCOS lip tints in one comprehensive package, it’s a beauty addict’s dream.

To achieve that K-Beauty-style, sexily blurred lip look, apply a bold layer of your preferred Tattoo Tint onto lips before blotting with a tissue, and repeating the process a few times. Firstly though, make sure you’ve got lip balms at the ready to keep lips soft and wrinkle-free.

Sultry Eyes

With the eyes still very much a focal point in F/W makeup looks, it’s time to up your eye makeup game. Aim for effortless glam with FORENCOS’s Bare Shadow Palette, an eye shadow quad coming in ten variations. It showcases matte and glittery formulas in shades ranging from rose pink to biscuit brown. Best paired with Skinny Tattoo All Proof Eyeliner Pencil and Fiber Double Volume Mascara for a makeup look that’s soft, romantic yet impactful, this versatile palette works equally well for both day and evening looks.

FORENCOS’s range of eye shadows extends far beyond the Bare Shadow Palette. Drama queens will love the Metal Glitzy, an uber-sparkly liquid eye shadow perfect for the party season, while fans of dreamy packaging will appreciate the Mood Catcher Multi Palette, which features candy-colored shades in hexagonal pods. Alternatively, go for Eye Spectrum, an eye shadow mono delivering an intense pop of color, or try the Bare Glitter Palette, which could be layered on top of matte shades for a luminous finish.

No eye makeup look is complete without impeccable brows. FORENCOS keeps your brow game strong with its bestselling Eyebrow Tattoo Precision Pen, a nifty eyebrow pencil fitted with a microfork tip for smooth and even application. The sweat-proof and water-resistant formula ensures your brow look stays put all day. The inclusion of skin-soothing and moisturizing agents in the ingredients keeps your brows looking sleek and healthy too. Available in light brown, dark brown and ash brown, this is your secret weapon for creating perfectly groomed yet natural-looking brows.

If you lean towards traditional brow pencils, then the Skinny Tattoo All Proof Eyebrow Pencil is right up your alley. With its ultra-slim tip offering an uber-precise finish that lasts from day to night, this item is another must-have for your makeup bag.

Flushed Cheeks

Hoping to attain that rosy glow? A few swipes of FORENCOS’s Pure Blusher on the cheeks should do the trick. Coming in a silky-smooth, richly-pigmented formula available in five highly-wearable nude shades, it blurs pores, absorbs sebum and adds color for perfectly flushed-looking cheeks. When combined with a lip tint in a warm, rosy shade and sultry eye makeup, this blush is the ticket to a makeup look that’s statement-making without being overly dramatic. Alternatively, opt for Bare Blusher, which offers an even subtler finish well-suited for a “no makeup” makeup look.

To create the perfect canvas for applying Pure Blusher or Bare Blusher, first prep your face with the Saint Tone-Up Cream for a brightening boost. Follow with Bare Fit Lasting Cushion, a lightweight cushion foundation providing sun care on top of flawless coverage. To further blur imperfections, apply Tattoo Waterproof Scar Concealer onto troubled areas. Finally, add a few swipes of Pure Blusher or Bare Blusher onto your perfectly prepped skin for that apple-cheeked glow!

The Cleansing Ritual

We may enjoy treating ourselves with night creams, beauty tools and the occasional sheet mask, but when it comes to keeping skin fresh and dewy, everything starts with facial cleansing, particularly the double cleanse. This ritual helps skin reset by ridding it of dirt and impurities while providing a burst of hydration.

For the ideal double cleanse, first indulge in FORENCOS’s Moringa Deep Cleansing Oil. Formulated with a nourishing blend of plant-based oils, including grape seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil and moringa oleifera seed oil, it thoroughly lifts makeup residue, dead skin cells and dirt from the face. Proceed to lather up with Moringa Mild Cleansing Foam, a foam cleanser that further cleans and refreshes skin with a formula rich in hydrating amino acids and skin-soothing mugwort extracts. Used together or individually, these two powerhouse products reveal softer, suppler and healthier-looking skin.

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