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Not being able to travel has made me turn to social media to feed my wanderlust, from religiously following #travelgram to check out scenic visuals from around the world, to dedicating hours of my week scrolling through the @cabindiaries account. This IG account is packed with wanderlust-worthy images of forest cabins and tree houses that stimulate travel envy. It’s no wonder that many of us are finding solace in nostalgia-driven trends following the viral popularity of cottagecore, and now cabincore. A simple search on aesthetics wiki shows that cabincore is the winter equivalent of cottagecore, replacing flowy floral prints fit for idyllic lakeside summer picnics with cozy winter wear best suited for little cabin trips in the woods. As the weather gets colder, read on for cabincore wardrobe inspo for your zodiac sign!

Sagittarius: Boy-Next-Door Energy

As Sagittarians are the adventurer of the zodiac signs, your cabincore vibe should embody your love for the outdoors without sacrificing comfort for style – and maybe even have a sprinkle of humor thrown in! For you, warm cozy dressing often involves keeping a portion of your pajamas (i.e. your signature flannel jammie bottoms that you claim “go with everything”) and throwing a sweater on top. Before stepping out of your little cabin, don’t forget to slip on your trusty outdoor shoes, a fleecy jacket and a matching knit beanie to keep warm!

JOGUNSHOP – “The Duck” Illustrated Sweater, chuu – [NO ONE ELSE] Belted Plaid Jogger Pants, SouthBay Shoes – Checkered Panel Canvas Platform Sneakers, HARPY – Checker Knit Beanie, Drewush – Couple Matching Fleece Colorblock Zip-Up Jacket, Oknana Home – Plastic Food Basket

Capricorn: Appreciating Grandpa’s Knitwear

Joyful childhood memories of hanging out with the grandparents may have influenced Capricorns’ old soul tendency. Grandpa shared not only worldly wisdoms with you, but also his effortless wardrobe choices. Classic patterned knits exude preppy vintage flair, which can’t go wrong in an earth-tone color scheme. Complete your grandpa-inspired cabincore aesthetic with gold-rimmed spectacles and suedette loafers!

Aisyi – Round Glasses, LIPHOP – Round-Neck Patterned Sweater, LIPHOP – Adjustable-Waist Corduroy Pants, Zosseau – V-Neck Patterned Sweater Vest, FROMBEGINNING – Genuine Suede Loafers, Fluff Muff – Set of 5: Pattern Socks

Aquarius: Raiding Dad’s Wardrobe

While Capricorns hope to be gifted with a few of grandpa’s favorite knits, Aquarians probably already raided dad’s wardrobe. No one can blame you as most fathers’ wardrobes have seen some history, and there are potential hidden gems in there that scream cabincore vibe! If sizing is a concern, curate your very own dad look by taking key motifs from 80s and 90s casual menswear.

Pisces: Artsy Persona

Escapism is a Pisces’s forte, which is why your cabincore aesthetic involves donning a dreamy persona. Perhaps you envision yourself as a literature or art student spending winter break at a little cabin in the woods. Inside your suitcase are long flowy flannel pinafores, ribbed turtlenecks and thigh-high socks to keep you warm. Keep a sketchbook or notebook with you at all times, and a whimsical mug to match! 

Aries: Sporty College Phase

One thing an Aries never sacrifices is comfort in the name of fashion trend, as reflected in your cabincore aesthetic that resembles casual college student attire. Hoodies, sweatpants and comfy sneakers are a must, and you love them in easy-to-style colors. In true fire sign spirit, you can’t live in a wardrobe dominated with just black, gray and white pieces. To infuse a touch of personality to your look, a sprinkle of vibrant color is needed, like spicy red small accessories or statement pieces!

JOGUNSHOP – Basketball Graphic Kangaroo Hoodie, Zosseau – Wide Leg Pants, MUMUTO – Water Tumbler, SHINSHIN – Cartoon Print Socks, Fromhere – Color Block Platform Athletic Sneakers

Taurus: The Category Is…Hot Beverage

Taureans are creatures of comfort, and it’s in character to tailor your cabincore wardrobe based on the color palette of your favorite winter beverage! Whether it’s a hot cocoa or mocha, the key is to stick to a minimal number of colors. Imagine how aesthetic it would be to chill by the fireplace in an outfit that matches the hot cuppa in your hands.

LIPHOP – Collared Zipped Letter Maxi Dress, GOROKE – Open-Front Long Dumble Vest, 4.4 STUDIO – Argyle Knit Scarf, SIMPLY MOOD – Velvet Scrunchy Hair Tie,JUSTONE – Basic Wool Blend Knit Gloves, Moonap – Set: Print Ceramic Drinking Cup + Saucer, SIMPLY MOOD – Fleece-Lined Ankle Snow Boots


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