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Twice, the nine-member K-pop girl group from JYP Entertainment, released their latest album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 (also abbreviated as Formula of Love OT3) on November 12. This is the group’s third album out in 2021 after releasing the mini album Taste of Love in June and Japanese album Perfect World in July. Although Twice’s album name might seem complicated at first glance, the meaning is  quite simple. “O” stands for “Once” (the name of Twice’s official fandom), “T” stands for “Twice” and “<3” is a heart symbol representing love, meaning that Once + Twice = Love. The number 3 in the title also denotes that this is their third Korean studio album.

The album’s title track Scientist blends groovy synth-pop and deep house elements. The song urges a love interest to hurry and make a move, since love isn’t science and there is no right answer. The chorus declares: “Don’t try to be a genius, why so serious? Follow your heart. Let your heart lead you.” The lyrics also playfully integrate math words like “Why do you measure angles? This is no sine or cosine,” and “The more you sit there thinking, it’s a minus.”

A departure from the group’s youthful image, Twice’s Scientist MV showcases a more professional and mature style. Read on to recreate workwear-inspired outfits from Twice’s Scientist!

Outfit #1

The music video kicks off with the members dancing in an all-pink, maximalist science lab filled with colorful beakers and a floor-to-ceiling blackboard with equations calculating the “Formula of Love.” The first set of outfits matches the color scheme of the lab as well as the scientist concept, consisting of pink and mint workwear with a fun and bubbly twist!

Both Chaeyoung and Mina are clad in cropped mint blazers and side-slit mini skirts. But it’s not just straightforward co-ord sets all around, as layering and deconstruction are utilized to enliven the ensembles. For instance, instead of a straightforward blazer dress, Nayeon wears a cropped pink blazer with a double-breasted skirt and a white shirtdress underneath. Similarly, Jihyo’s white shirtdress is worn under a pink double-breasted tube top.

The outfits also integrate fresh patterns and textures like gingham and tulle. Sana layers her open-front pink mini dress over a white pussy-bow blouse and white tutu mini skirt, while Momo styles her pink blazer with a gray and pink tutu skirt and a buttoned white vest. Dahyun wears her tutu skirt with a long-sleeve pink gingham shirt, while Tzuyu is clothed in a long-sleeve mint gingham shirt with a pink strapless blazer dress.

Black leather accessories like rhinestone-adorned belts and gloves counteract the girly-girl colors with tougher appeal, and black neckties heighten the workwear aesthetic. The members sport two types of equally prim and proper footwear: black lace-up loafers with white socks and black point-toe Mary Jane heels.

Outfit #2

For the second set of outfits, the members go all out with pink. However, if you’re expecting subdued, girly looks, prepare to be surprised! Playful experimentation with different textures, patterns and silhouettes make these get-ups bold and fashion-forward – anything but boring!

Of the bunch, Momo’s apparel stands out the most. She rocks a cropped lace-up camisole with patent leather pocket-detail shorts and fishnet tights. Her show-stopping pink cape and space buns give off futuristic superhero vibes. Dahyun’s pink argyle knit set consisting of a crop tank and mini skirt radiates preppy-cutesy energy, but her acid wash pink denim shirt and large silver hoop earrings incorporate a cool street-style element. Mina stays true to her elegant persona with a classic pink pleated mini skirt and a luxe faux fur wrap. Similarly fluffy and cozy but exuding a completely different mood, Jihyo’s cropped animal print fleece jacket is fierce and fearless. She keeps the rest of the outfit simple with a plain pink tube top and flap skort. Sana’s party-ready ruched strapless mini dress, which features a dramatic, poufy feathered top half, also makes a daring statement. Unlike the others’ pastel pink garb, Nayeon goes for a darker shade of hot pink with a strapless mini dress and a matching pink fur hat – juxtaposing warm weather attire with a wintry accessory!

Other notable accessories include Tzuyu’s pink ribbon choker with a heart charm and Sana’s rhinestone lettering choker that spells out “SCIENTIST.” For shoes, the members channel a slightly more boyish, relaxed energy with boots and high-tops. Tzuyu wears pink sneakers with brown soles, while Nayeon’s white sneakers come with contrasting pink laces. Chaeyoung dons short pink lace-up boots while Dahyun and Sana both have on white lace-up boots, short boots for the former and knee-length boots for the latter. Mina’s tall patent leather pink boots add a glam air to her otherwise ladylike ensemble, while Jihyo’s tall brown lace-up boots suit the more outdoorsy vibe of her animal-print jacket.

Outfit #3

The music video closes as the members give a presentation about “O+T=<3” on stage, explaining that “Love is simple.” Here, they’re dressed in a more traditional version of their workwear looks from the beginning of the music video, swapping out pink and mint for navy and gray.

Nayeon is in a navy blazer and matching mini skirt with a light blue button-up, while Mina styles the same top with a midi front-slit navy skirt. Jihyo pairs a basic white button-up with stylish flared cerulean blue trousers. Sana dresses up her white shirt with a dark gray blazer, dark gray necktie and a light gray side-slit midi skirt with contrast trim. Chaeyoung also rocks a white shirt and gray necktie but goes for a softer, librarian-chic take with a gray cardigan and matching knit midi skirt. Dahyun is clad in my favorite piece from this set of looks – a gray cape blazer dress with a contrasting white collar. It’s structured yet figure-hugging, and the cape detailing adds a touch of mystery.

The first set of workwear boasts thin leather belts with rhinestone adornment, but here, plain wide belts that match the color of the clothing create a streamlined hourglass silhouette. To further the academic aesthetic, a few members sport round-frame glasses in black and silver. Embracing uniformity to maximize their put-together and professional dress, they all don the same point-toe ankle-strap low block heels in either black or white. As the presentation comes to a close, the video pans to the audience who are none other than the earlier versions of the members, clad in pink and mint, and clapping enthusiastically.

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