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Move over cottagecore! As the temperature drops, it’s time to whip out all those thick knits, cardis and coats for a spin. Curating a social media-worthy outfit that is both cozy and weather-appropriate can be tricky, but fret not, as all you need is a touch of escapism in the form of this winter’s cabincore trend. Picking up from part one, follow  this style guide on the cabincore aesthetic that goes best with your zodiac personality!

Gemini: Mix-and-Match Fun

For Geminis, plain and dull-looking winter wear is a far cry from their imaginative and savvy personality. Channel those lively qualities into a cabincore aesthetic that is a mishmash of vibrant colors and quirky patterns. Take the layering game up a notch by pairing a puffer vest over patterned knits – a perfect way to stay warm and cozy while highlighting statement pieces! To add just the right amount of spice to your look, throw in a piece or two in a seemingly clashing color, which should revitalize the entire ensemble!

LIPHOP – Letter Washed Baseball Cap, chuu – [NO ONE ELSE] Turtleneck Color-Block Knit Top, LIPHOP – Oversized Checked Cardigan, chuu – [NO ONE ELSE] High-Neck Puffer Vest, LIPHOP – COUPLE Checked Wide-Leg Pants, SIMPLY MOOD – Lug-Sole Seam-Trim Tall Boots

Cancer: Embrace Hygge-ness

Hygge, a Danish word that means the feeling of coziness and comfort, is essentially the theme of your cozy winter cabincore look. Snuggle up in your winter log cabin in a shearling jacket that satisfies your love for fluffy and cuddly textures. Slip into faux-fur lined slippers to keep your feet warm and toasty! Complete the look with a cute accessory that matches the cuddly vibes.

FROMBEGINNING – Gingham Faux-Shearling Jacket, FROMBEGINNING – Gingham Faux-Shearling Jacket, JOGUNSHOP – Drawcord Corduroy Wide-Leg Pants, LIPHOP – Platform Faux-Fur Lined Slippers, LANWO – Bear Ear Fleece Beanie, Nicstak – Bubble Cube Fragrance Candle

Leo: A Little Drama Goes a Long Way

Even the most introverted Leo won’t shy away from a fun wardrobe, which is why your cabincore look consists of cozy loungewear with a pinch of drama. Envision a winter break in a cabin in the woods decorated with string lights to create a fairy garden mood. Throw on this snuggly outfit comprised of a pink hoodie, fleece shorts and a cropped sherpa jacket – a look that reflects your modern cabincore fairy persona. Slip on a pair of lace-up boots and you’re ready to explore the woods!

LIPHOP – V-Neck Oversized Knit Hoodie, LIPHOP – Sherpa-Fleece Cropped Jacket, chuu – [NO ONE ELSE] Two-Way Dumble Shorts, Murmursong – Animal Print Socks,LIPHOP – Lug-Sole Lace-Up Mid-Calf Boots, LIPHOP – Drawstring Faux-Fur Bucket Bag, SIMPLY MOOD – Zebra-Printed Knit Beanie

Virgo: Mori Girl Energy

For self-effacing Virgos, your cabincore vibe draws inspiration from the Japanese Mori Girl aesthetic. Mori is the Japanese word for “forest,” so the Mori Girl look gives off the ethereal vibe of a nature lover who dwells in the woods, making this aesthetic similar to the cottagecore and cabincore styles. There’s something dreamy about spending winter in a quaint little cabin while wearing a flowy midi dress and knitted vest, and savoring freshly baked goods. When the cold air hits, these boucle earmuffs, snow boots and plaid scarf are sure to keep you toasty without breaking the dress code. 

SIMPLY MOOD – Plain Bouclé Earmuffs, FEY TIY – Color Panel Plaid Scarf, GOROKE – Scalloped Nordic Knit Vest, Ames – Plaid Long-Sleeve Midi A-Line Dress, iMpressee – Rattan Woven Desk Organizer Basket, LIPHOP – Lug-Sole Tall Snow Boots

Libra: Grandma Chic

For your winter wardrobe, find inspiration from grandmas all over the world. Your cabincore vibe is all about embodying a stylish grandma persona that reflects your charming and peaceful nature. The first step is to anchor the outfit with a signature cardigan that is lightly embellished or decked with floral prints. This look is all about creating a modest yet whimsical silhouette, so a long, flowy or H-line skirt will work just fine. For finishing touches, consider wrapping your hair with a silky scarf a la babushka-style, and wear your Mary Jane flats with socks!

PPGIRL – Sweetheart Neck Floral Print Cropped Cardigan, MAKA – Patterned Bandana, chuu – Plaid H-Line Long Skirt, Cottonet – Embroidered Lace Socks, JUSTONE – Velvet Mary-Jane Flats, CHERRYKOKO – Push-Lock Corduroy Flap Shoulder Bag, Kawa Simaya – Christmas Gingerbread Man Print Ceramic Baking Tray

Scorpio: Dark Academia

Scorpios tend to take things seriously, which is why you’ll gravitate towards a  cabincore aesthetic that is basically a cozier reinterpretation of the dark academia look. That means swapping a pleated mini for a longer plaid skirt, a knitted vest for a V-neck cardigan, and brogues for black boots. It’s all about tying the look together in a wintry palette that leaves a cozy yet mysterious impression.

FROMBEGINNING – V-Neck Stripe Cardigan, LIPHOP – Belted Plaid Long Wrap Skirt, SIMPLY MOOD – Layered Mid-Calf Boots, LIPHOP – Stitched Flap Shoulder Bag, Moonap – Set: Stainless Steel Drinking Cup


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