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As the weather is getting colder, my skin has been looking and feeling rather dull and dry. When I happened upon NEOGEN’s Dermalogy Double Vita Drop In Serum Skin Bright Kit, with its vibrant yellow packaging that immediately reenergized me, I had to try it out. This special kit comes from the Korean beauty brand’s popular NEOGEN Dermalogy line, which specializes in innovative products for your daily skin care routine. These items are suitable for different skin types and skin concerns.

The set contains the Dermalogy Double Vita Drop In Serum 50ml and the Dermalogy Double Vita Glow Wrap Mask 40ml. Together, these products promote moisture and radiance with key ingredients such as citrus junos fruit extract, poncirus trifoliata fruit extract and eight types of hyaluronic acid (including hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid). Will my winter skin be merry and bright or dry and dull? Read on to find out!

Dermalogy Double Vita Drop In Serum


Rich in Vitamin C, this serum claims to reduce freckles, dark spots and blemishes to create bright and even skin tone. It’s recommended for daily use on toned and cleansed skin.

The Drop In Serum comes in a clear pump bottle to show off its yellow hue. Once I dispensed the product on my hand, the serum was more clear than yellow. I was expecting a citrusy scent, viscous consistency and slightly oily finish, but was surprised to find that the serum was scentless. The lightweight, watery texture spread easily on skin and left a moisturizing yet non-sticky feeling. I like that the serum is gentle on skin and easily absorbed.

Although the effects were gradual, during my trial, I found that my acne scars faded and my skin boasted a subtle radiance.

Dermalogy Double Vita Glow Wrap Mask


The Glow Wrap Mask is a peel-off pack that forms a moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss, provides gentle exfoliation to leave skin glowing, and restores resilience with eight types of plant-based oils. To use, apply on the nose and cheek area while avoiding the eyes and mouth. After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask starting from the edges. It’s recommended for use twice a week.

Housed in a squeeze tube, the mask comes in a pretty pale yellow formula that is transparent when applied to the face. Unlike the scentless and lightweight serum, the mask has a strong, sweet and tangy scent that reminds me of chewing gum. It also comes in a thick, creamy consistency that’s quite difficult to spread on skin. When I applied the mask over areas that already had product on them, dark yellow, congealed chunks rubbed off. Perhaps due to my struggles with application, I did not experience the mask’s promised “peel-off” effect. Instead, I used it as a wash-off mask. Thankfully, the mask was easy to wash off and left a moisturizing finish on skin.

After use, my skin felt smooth and refined. Over a few weeks, it continued to become brighter and firmer.

Overall Thoughts

Using both products together helped fade some pesky scars, gave my skin a gentle glow and left it feeling more moisturized. All in all, NEOGEN’s Dermalogy Double Vita Drop In Serum Skin Bright Kit was a success on my skin!

While I was impressed with the serum’s lightweight texture and moisturizing formula, I wasn’t a big fan of the mask’s application process and how the latter felt on my skin. I’ll probably keep using the Drop In Serum in the coming seasons to deal with dark spots, and reserve the Glow Wrap Mask for when my skin is most in need of a brightening and moisturizing boost.

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