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Fashion trends come, go and repeat every now and then, and 2021 sure has witnessed an abundance of TikTok-fueled viral looks and retro aesthetics. On this episode of Yes Whut, Zoe (millennial) and Hilary (Gen Z) chat about how different generations reacted and adapted to this year’s fashion trends.

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During the worldwide lockdowns last year, many people turned to the comfort of loungewear and athleisure, a trend that continues in 2021. Hilary thinks that athleisure appeals to the Gen Z crowd as functional everyday wear that can easily mix and match with other wardrobe essentials. Zoe, however, reckons that millennials perceive athleisure as comfortable clothing that liberates them from traditional work attire.

Moon City – Plain Hoodie, PAIYIGE – Set: Sport Camisole Top + Yoga Pants,
Oonnukal – Letter Embroidery Sweatshirt / Drawstring Joggers


Thanks to the Netflix original series Bridgerton and fashion designers like Simone Rocha, the regencycore momentum carried over from last year and peaked this spring. While the corset may not be historically accurate to the era, its dramatic silhouette aligned with the trend’s glamorous vibes. Many fashion editors recommend pearl-studded jewelry, headbands and empire-line dresses for beginner-friendly pieces that people can embrace to introduce regencycore to their wardrobe.

Sincethen – Puff-Sleeve Floral Print A-Line Dress, Sincethen – Puff-Sleeve Floral Midi A-Line Dress, Kobeque – Puff-Sleeve Floral Print Cropped Corset Top, Najlepsee – Faux Pearl Layered Choker

Retro Comebacks

A shift away from minimalism, this year’s hottest prints take on a more maximalist approach – think color clashing, swirly patterns and plenty of 70s psychedelic prints. Silhouette-wise, 2021 is all about 70s influence in street style, as many attendees at Fashion Week were seen wearing flare pants and midi skirts.

HERMITAKH – Printed Cropped Tank Top, Sosana – Halter-Neck Swirl Print Bodycon Mini Dress, Femme Cradle – Wave Printed Boot Cut Pants, HERMITAKH – Short Sleeve Plaid Floral Print Denim Shirt / High Waist Boot-Cut Pants

Nostalgia-Inspired Aesthetics

As seen in many K-pop MVs this year, late 90s and Y2K aesthetics are trending the most among Gen Z. Mini pleated skirts, leather blazers and the era’s iconic “it” accessory – the baguette bag – are all experiencing resurgences in popularity. Other nostalgia-inspired comebacks include Hilary’s childhood favorite: beaded jewelry.

Booshek – Faux Leather Hobo Shoulder Bag, LIPHOP – Two-Tone Flap Shoulder Bag, Irenna – Bead Ring, Seirios – Set: Faux Pearl Bead Choker + Alloy Necklace + Flower Bead Necklace

TikTok Trends: Cottagecore

Hilary believes that cottagecore has more longevity in comparison to other TikTok micro trends. The style isn’t just prevalent in fashion, but also in lifestyle and interior design.   

QUAIN – Square-Neck Puff-Sleeve Plaid Dress, Sincethen – Puff-Sleeve Floral Panel Midi A-Line Dress, Elizobo – House Print Ceramic Spoon / Plate / Bowl, Itchelon – Retro Print Ceramic Drinking Cup / Saucer / Plate / Set

Puffer Coats Are In

Puffer coats are this winter’s “it” item. Hilary is excited to see this previously “uncool” functional outerwear on runways as the must-have jacket of the season. With puffer coats fashionable again, you can find them in an abundance of colors, such as this year’s trending colors of bright green and bubblegum pink, as well as those designed in various cuts and styles.

DABAGIRL – [BLACK LABEL] Two-Way Puffer Coat, chuu – [NO ONE ELSE] High-Neck Puffer Vest, chuu – [NO ONE ELSE] Hooded Checked Puffer Jacket, CHERRYKOKO – Dumble-Collar Puffer Jacket

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