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December is the month where you find many opportunities to dress up festively. I find myself organizing a unique dress theme for every one of my friend and family gatherings. A less conventional dress code adds a sense of unity to the gathering, and at times, the attendees’ outfits bring about plenty of laughs.

Santa costumes, cocktail dresses or sequin dresses aren’t for everyone. This holiday season, why not create your own party theme with a dress code to match?

Capricorn: 1920s Murder Mystery

For Capricorns who value order and work ethic, the best party theme is a murder mystery with a Roaring 20s dress code. A mystery theme just resonates with you, and your friends probably know about your low-key fixation with true crime documentaries. This gathering will push your inner event planner to the fore, and you love a challenge.

Dress code: A 1920s party dress theme will add sparkles and glamor to your already elaborate dinner gathering. Prepare a moodboard with plenty of references − from The Great Gatsby to musical films such as Cabaret and Chicago – and send it to your guests for outfit inspo.


Aquarius: Christmas Movies

People are often surprised by how much you love Christmas. You associate the festive season with spending quality time with company you actually enjoy, along with good food, good moods and nostalgic movies. A Christmas movie marathon is your kind of festive party as it incorporates all the things you love.

Dress code: The obvious dress code for a Christmas movie marathon party would be Christmas sweaters and pajamas – but that’s too predictable for Aquarians. Instead, ask everybody to dress up as their favorite Christmas movie character. Not-so-ambitious party dressers may go for easy-to-replicate yet iconic characters, like Kevin in Home Alone.

Pisces: Festive Slumber Party

Your bed is your sanctuary, which is why your ideal party theme is a festive slumber party. This is the perfect opportunity to turn any room in your home into a cozy slumber haven decked with big cushions and warm blankets, all complemented with Christmas decorations. A sleepover is never complete without a comforting drink or two, so set up a hot chocolate bar in the corner of the room!

Dress code: Your regular jammies just won’t do − it’s a festive slumber party after all! Set your festive attire to Christmas-themed sleepwear. Go bold and don a Santa onesie with festive motifs, or stay comfy in a simpler alternative like a plain red PJ set.

Aries: Denims & Diamonds

You’re probably attending many Christmas-themed gatherings already, so if you host your own party, you’d opt for something different. A denims and diamonds theme will satisfy both your love for dressing up and dressing down at the same time. Complete with good music and dance-offs, this party is sure to be a breath of fresh air in the festive season!

Dress code: The theme says it all. Your approach to a killer outfit is a glam yet cool look made of denim and rhinestones. Think Britney’s 90s denim ball gown or Rihanna’s casual double denim combo, sleekly elevated with a pair of heels and a bold red lip. If you’re feeling ambitious, throw in a bit of DIY and customize your denim festive attire with plenty of rhinestones.

Taurus: Barbie’s Dream House

As an aesthete, you have a soft spot for interior and décor, and your ideal party theme should encapsulate your passion for pretty things. Hosting a Barbie’s Dream House party is perfect for satisfying your home decorating dreams. You don’t need an expensive home makeover to host a Barbie-inspired holiday party. All it takes is a little sprucing up, like laying out some pastel pink tea towels and swapping your usual cushion covers for pink velvety ones.

Dress code: If you’re throwing a Barbie-themed party, how can the guests not abide to a Barbie dress code? Since Barbie’s clothing style varies widely, from Barbiecore to trending fashions, attendees might struggle when planning their outfit. For indecisive dressers, a pop culture reference is a good place to start for wardrobe ideas – like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde or Cher Horowitz from Clueless.

Gemini: 80s Disco

Geminis are always up for a good time, so your party theme for this festive season should provide the occasion to dress up, mingle and have fun. A good old dance party can’t go wrong, especially with eccentric 80s aesthetics and a disco ball centerpiece.

Dress code: The best thing about a retro dress style is that there are plenty of references available for party dress inspiration. Look to Netflix’s Stranger Things for wearable yet impeccably badass outfit inspo, or Heathers for 80s high-school aesthetics with plenty of sass.

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