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Let’s face it, it’s been another exhausting year. Has your 2021 been a rollercoaster ride, or a fruitful year against all odds? Whether you’re throwing yourself back into the party circuit or savoring the joys of solitude, now is the perfect time to assess how you’ve grown since last December. If growth seems too lofty a word, consider the ways you’ve survived 2021 in style, or simply gotten better at self-care.

Closely aligned to the zodiac signs, the Major Arcana cards from the Rider-Waite tarot deck (also known as trump cards) are great starting points for exploring your 2021 persona. Loaded with symbolic meaning, these cards, along with the Minor Arcana, present multiple facets of the human journey from child-like wonder to spiritual fulfilment. If you’re starting the holiday season with a string of dates and a snazzy new wardrobe, chances are you’re abuzz with “High Priestess” energy. Embracing the quiet life, complete with a rescue cat and a newfound love for crocheting? You’re in classic “Hermit” mood. As for the cynic with a secret nostalgic streak, you’ve probably spent the year wrestling with the challenges of “The Devil.”

How are symbols in tarot related to your 2021 persona, and what do the interpretations mean style-wise? Shuffle the deck for a tarot reading based on a selection of Major Arcana cards!


You’re someone who has a knack for turning uncertainty into fuel for growth! Like the powerful and all nurturing Empress who sits on a throne amidst a field of grain, as depicted in the card, you never shy away from the opportunity to turn a potentially trying situation into a learning experience. When faced with uncertainties this year, you’ve responded by strategically assessing your strengths before calmly equipping yourself with new skills, whether that’s a makeup hack, a programming language or a baking technique.

Your ability to nurture yourself despite a challenging 2021 is reflected in your style choices. Confident enough to go for comfy clothing over statement-making ensembles, you have a deep and unwavering love for the rustic. As for skin care, you see such products as life’s essentials! Often, your best ideas come to you while you’re relaxing with an organic wash-off mask, and that includes ways to emerge from 2021 with stronger ties and a better wardrobe.

From left to right:
Chunky knit turtleneck sweater, corduroy midi pencil skirt, velvet Mary Janes, golden flower earrings


You probably spent a good part of the year anxiously anticipating the worst before finally locating your inner zen by removing yourself from the daily grind and taking a break from the news cycle. By now, you’re almost at the end of your soul-searching journey. Chances are, you’ve cut off toxic friendships, quit an unsatisfactory job and initiated a social media detox. Most of all, you’ve learned how to shut down your inner pessimist. The trade-off? You haven’t seen anyone for weeks.

Contrary to popular misconception, your wardrobe isn’t simple and spare. In reality, it honors the inner turbulence you went through this year before achieving a zen state of mind. Hard-edged yet ultra-femme, your 2021 looks are high on grunge-era influences, yet accented with sleek touches. Your mysterious vibes ensure that you’re left alone to figure out the meaning of life before re-joining the outside world.

From left to right:
Ruched velvet cropped camisole, Oversized denim jacket, ruffled midi skirt, Platform lace-up short boots


The word “fool” is misleading − it merely refers to someone who is carefree in spirit and always optimistic. Such a person would instantly embrace new challenges and step off into the unknown. Are you dreaming of the ways 2022 will be better than 2021? To prepare for a post-pandemic world trip, are you learning new languages? There’s a good chance you’re channeling The Fool card in the best way possible.

Staying physically or mentally active is your form of self-care − think planting a herb garden, hosting an elaborate party or launching an investigative podcast. With your high energy level, you prefer outfits in mood-boosting colors, but in simple and practical styles that are easy to move around in. On any given day, you radiate casual cool with a kidult-infused wardrobe brimming with zany prints and bold color-blocking.

From left to right:
Argyle sweater, two-tone pants, chunky sneakers, knit beanie


Everyone has a dark side, and 2021 is the year this came to the fore. The Devil, a common tarot symbol and one of the most recognizable trump cards, epitomizes your year of struggle. Throughout 2021, you found yourself wallowing in nostalgia when you weren’t feeling cynical about everything else! But it’s always the darkest before the dawn. If you’ve managed to ride out the storm, you’re likely to achieve a massive breakthrough soon, whether it’s releasing yourself from a cycle of negative thinking, getting a well-deserved promotion or reaching a new milestone in love. Years later, you’ll look back at 2021 as the watershed year of letting go of the old for a bolder, more authentic version of yourself.

This reset extends to your wardrobe. Throughout the year, you’ve probably found yourself experimenting with bolder and quirkier aesthetics. Occasionally, you surprise yourself by wearing pieces you’ve never gravitated towards before, like fire-engine red pants or a snazzy cutout top! As you step outside your comfort zone, your taste for drama and attention heightens, so your 2022 wardrobe is set to deliver maximum impact.

From left to right:
Mock-neck cutout top, wool blend dress pants, furry jacket, platform short boots


Representing sensuality as well as common sense, the High Priestess card is all about tapping into your intuitive and spontaneous sides. Rather than fighting the challenges of the year head-on or retreating into a safe space, you’ve been going with the flow and riding the highs and lows that headed your way. Feeling the blues? You’re not afraid to have a good cry before moving on. In the mood for love? Despite the uncertainties of the year, you’ve gently eased yourself back onto the dating scene. Fancy a splurge? You don’t think twice about investing in statement pieces to brighten your wardrobe. By trusting your instincts, chances are you’ve transformed what could have been an exhausting year into an exciting one.

Your 2021 style is eclectic in the best way possible, striking a perfect balance between the quirky, sleek and unapologetically street. A pro when it comes to mixing and matching clothes, you’re not afraid to pair a slouchy, puff-sleeve sweater with a purple corduroy skirt (rather than plain jeans or cargo pants). In accessories, you may choose jade-effect hoops rather than a classic golden pair. The secret to your magic touch? Letting your gut feelings guide your wardrobe choices, rather than the latest trends.

From left to right:
Puff-sleeve sweater, corduroy midi skirt, chunky sneakers, green hoop earrings

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