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Are you a little bored of parties with the same-ish festive themes? Are you looking for different ways to spice up celebrations this holiday season? If you’re running out of ideas for party outfits, read on for alternative party ideas and dress codes for your zodiac sign!

Don’t see your zodiac sign below? Head to part one to read yours.


Cancer: Grandma’s Karaoke Party

There’s an inner party diva in you that your close friends and family members can attest to. You don’t get easily bored, but your social battery may not last as long as you want it to. Host a karaoke party with only a few of your craziest pals – it’s more private that way, and you don’t need to worry about socializing with strangers.

Dress code: Throw in a grandma-inspired party look as the dress code. Remember, it’s not a costume theme, so there’s no need for wigs, over-the-top props or special makeup. Instead, channel your favorite granny by turning to stylish grandma influencers and movie characters for outfit inspiration. Or simply recreate an iconic party outfit from your nana.

Leo: Indoor Couch-Ella

As children of summer, Leos don’t vibe as well with the cold holiday season. To bring a touch of summer to your winter gatherings, host a cozy indoor Coachella-themed party. Decorate your living room with flower garlands, desert plants, indoor tents and plenty of floor pillows for a Couchella-worthy venue. Top it off with an alternative playlist or stream movies on your ceiling with a mini projector.

Dress code: Nothing’s stopping you from unpacking your summer wardrobe to style your ideal Coachella outfit. Alternatively, take summery elements such as colorful crochet knits and tie-dye pieces, and style them with warmer layers for a more winter-appropriate ensemble.


Virgo: Pantone Party

Everybody knows you’re an avid organizer who never settles for anything less than perfect. You also get much joy from a Pantone color chip, so why not base your whole party around it? Incorporate the minimalistic aesthetic of Pantone color chips into your decorations, including wall hangings and the plating of appetizers and snacks. Every corner of your party will be perfect for a photo moment!

Dress code: Instead of assigning a different Pantone color to each guest, set the entire dress code to the Pantone Color of 2022 – Very Peri! As described by Pantone, this dynamic and empowering color combines periwinkle blue with a violet undertone, a color that symbolizes newness, creativity and expression.


Libra: High Teen Holiday Party

No matter the age, Librans radiate an air of youthfulness that you happily express through your dress style. Have you seen K-pop group Weeekly’s Holiday Party music video? That’s the kind of happy-go-lucky, positively charged environment to curate for your party! Give it a high-teen twist so you and your guests can indulge in some fantasy-nostalgia vibes this holiday season!

Dress code: You can set the dress code in various ways, but the obvious choice is undoubtedly the shirt, cardigan, knit vest and mini-skirt combo. Alternatively, replicate a look from your favorite teen movies, street style magazines or music videos.

Scorpio: Seven Deadly Sins

Instead of the good ol’ merry gatherings, you’re more likely to be inspired by dark themes. The seven deadly sins is probably the least festive theme you can do for a holiday party in December. Allocate dedicated areas of your home for each sin and decorate the spaces thematically for guests to take selfies in. For culinary enthusiasts, design a seven-course menu featuring a different sin for each course – a perfect way to incorporate this theme into a dinner party!

Dress code: This dress code can be interpreted in so many ways! Having the seven deadly sins as a party theme offers seven different ways for guests to dress up. Put a little thought in styling and makeup, and you can easily transform a regular cocktail dress or Christmas dress to suit the party theme.

Sagittarius: Ugly Sweater Contest

Sagittarians have a low bar for humor and are often the source of laughs at a social gathering – especially since you’re comfortable laughing at your own jokes most of the time. Deep down, you’re still a fire sign with a thirst for competition and excitement, which is why your ideal festive party isn’t just a party but a contest too! Combine your love for humor and competition by hosting an ugly sweater contest.

Dress code: How do your guests enter the contest? They just have to rock up to your front door wearing the wildest, most outlandish and hilarious sweater. It doesn’t have to be a Christmas-themed jumper, but bonus points if they somehow make themselves look like a holiday gift.



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