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In this season’s last episode of Yes Whut, host Zoe invited beauty enthusiast Mandy to the podcast again for a round of This Or That on skin care tools. As aspiring facial-loving beauty gurus, they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve healthy skin, and that includes exploring different skin care products and tools.

Below, we’ve gathered some innovative and raved-about skin care products from nifty tools to facial devices. Find out what you need to know about different types of skin care tools, and which are the best options for applying skin care.

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Facial Cleansing: Silicone cleansing brush VS Regular facial cleansing brush

Cleansing is the most crucial and fundamental step in a skin care routine to achieve and maintain clear, flawless skin! Upgrade your cleansing routine with a facial cleansing brush or silicone cleansing brush, which massages your skin while cleansing away all that dirt and grime inside out. Cleansing brushes deep cleanse skin much more thoroughly compared to just using bare hands. Mandy prefers regular cleansing brushes because the bristles feel softer on skin, though silicone cleansing brushes are more hygienic and last longer.

*Time stamp: 1:37-4:43

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