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Since early this month, my skin has been getting drier and irritatingly tight. I recently did a vanity clean-up by swapping out my summer skin care items for winter ones that are thicker and more moisturizing, only to find I have nothing to use for my evening routine! It’s now my mission to look for moisturizing products that nourish and repair my skin overnight.

Popular South Korean skin care brand Dear, Klairs had been on my radar for some time, but I had yet to try its goodies! The Midnight Blue Line caught my attention because of the dreamy blue, skin-soothing ingredient guaiazulene that gives the products a distinctive blue color. I decided to try the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop and Midnight Blue Calming Cream in hopes that they will moisturize and calm my dry, patchy skin. The products supposedly hydrate and soothe skin and tackle aging. Let’s see if they’re winter evening skin care keepers!

Key ingredients: Guaiazulene, EGF and FGF (rh-Polypeptide-1) and blueberry extract

What it is: An anti-aging serum that stimulates cell renewal, firms skin and enhances skin elasticity.

My experience: Initially, I didn’t know how to incorporate this product into my skin care routine – do I apply it before or after toner, or after serum? At first, I used it after toning my skin, but that was wrong, a lesson learnt! Make sure to read the “How to use” section on the product’s label for usage guidance. Use the drop after cleansing your skin and before toner. I directly applied the featherweight watery blue fluid onto my face from the dropper, and it absorbed quickly into skin as the serum trickled down my face. I instantly sensed its soothing power. Although the formula’s main target of anti-aging isn’t my skin concern, my skin still benefited from the serum’s effects, as I woke up to glowy, hydrated skin and an even skin tone. Any signs of fatigue were also not apparent.  

Key ingredients: Guaiazulene, centella asiatica extract and ceramide

What it is: Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, this cream repairs damaged skin, soothes irritated skin and strengthens the skin barrier.

My experience: I absolutely love the cream’s peaceful blue color that’s very fitting for nighttime use. The cream’s Cool Whip texture felt dense when I scooped a dollop out of the container, but it was light and refreshing when spread onto skin. Although the product suggests applying the cream on concerned areas, I used it all over my face. Like the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop, the Midnight Blue Calming Cream settled into skin quickly without leaving a thick, cloggy feeling. However, the cream wasn’t moisturizing enough to get me through the night. On the bright side, I can attest that my red, inflamed spots from running a comedone extractor over my skin were gone in the morning. The dry patches on my skin that resemble speed bumps also calmed and looked less apparent.

Final Thoughts

Although it doesn’t do much for moisture, the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop is a nice touch to my evening skin care routine. My skin looks fresh, renewed and a bit tightened after my beauty sleep. As for the Midnight Blue Calming Cream, I appreciate the cool and calming effects it brought to my skin, but it fell short of my expectations in providing long-lasting moisture.

Both the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop and Midnight Blue Calming Cream are made for evening use and have great soothing and rejuvenating features to aid the skin’s overnight repair process. However, they aren’t the most moisturizing products I’ve used. My skin gets quite dry during the cooler months, and layering this duo from Dear Klairs together wasn’t enough to restore my winter skin’s moisture levels. I’ll stick to using them when my skin is irritated or needs a bounce back!

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