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This year is finally coming to an end. Let’s give it a proper send-off by looking our best (and sparkliest) at the final party of 2021!

If you haven’t decided on your New Year’s Eve party makeup look yet, here are some makeup ideas to help you choose the right look.

Look 1: Pink Tiger

I named this look Pink Tiger because the coming year is the Year of the Tiger. Meanwhile, various shades of pink, from hot pink to Barbie pink to neon pink, have been trending for most of 2021. Pink is forecasted to stay with us as one of the hottest colors in the upcoming spring and summer seasons, albeit in other incarnations like muted bubblegum pink and deep fuchsia.

This look is an especially great choice for those who’ve been thinking of wearing a bright pink outfit, but can’t gather the courage to do so (like me over here). I went for pink glitter on the eyes to suit the sparkly mood, plus rosy lips and very light blush. The glittery eye makeup will light up the room, while the popping colors make you stand out from the sea of dark smoky eyes.


Look 2: Champagne Soaked Lids

If you’re in the mood for something classic (or if you’re a Taylor Swift fan), I have one word – RED. Even if your daily makeup style is more MLBB, New Year’s calls for special colors. This look is going to have all eyes on you, thanks to fiery red lips and glimmering gold eyelids. Although gold eye makeup might not sound as attention-grabbing as dark smoky eyes, the reflective glitter makes the eyes brighter, more noticeable and more unique.

Scroll down to see what products I used for each look.


Base products for both looks:

Foundation: romand – Clear Cover Cushion Hanbok Project #01 Pure 21

This cushion foundation has a naturally glowy but not excessively dewy finish. Boasting medium coverage, it does a good job of covering redness and blemishes, and creating a solid base color. It has just one flaw, which is that powder products don’t work well on top of it, so make sure to use creamy blush and contouring products. Or get creative like I did and use a lipstick as blush.

Eyeliner: peripera – Ink Thin Thin Brush Liner #01 Black Noir

This well-pigmented eyeliner with a super thin brush makes it easy to keep the line almost invisibly thin! It might be a bit difficult for an eyeliner beginner to create a slim, barely-there line with the thicker brushes of most eyeliners. peripera’s Ink Thin Thin Brush Liner comes in handy when you need to create a thin line quickly and effortlessly.

Mascara: CLIO – Kill Lash Superproof Mascara #3 Sleek Volume

This is one of the most resilient mascaras I’ve ever used. Tears, rain, warm water – nothing makes it budge, except a specialized makeup remover for waterproof mascaras. If you’re looking for a good mascara that can stay on all day through any weather and any mood (no panda eyes after crying), and won’t imprint on oily upper lids, this is the one.

Brow pencil: CLIO – Kill Brow Auto Hard Brow Pencil  #5 Gray Brown

This brow pencil provides accurate and precise application, and doesn’t smudge too much on a creamy foundation or an oily face. It stays exactly where you draw it, and gives a very defined look when combined with a brow gel of similar color.

Brow gel: CLIO – Kill Brow Color Brow Lacquer #5 Gray Brown

The small brush allows precise application, and is great for taming bushy or unruly brows. The best thing about this brow gel is that it separates the hairs instead of clumping them together, creating a defined yet natural look.

Accent products for both looks:

Products used for Look 1:



Eye shadow: UNLEASHIA – Glitterpedia Eye Palette #5 All of Dusty Rose

This cool-toned glitter palette features nine shades of pink, each with a certain amount of shimmer – hence the name Glitterpedia. I used #4 Mauve Wood to create a base color for the whole eyelid. #1 Peony Salt went on the inner corner of the eye to create a reflective spot that brightens the eyes under any amount of light. For the outer corner of the eye, I used the darker, more pigmented #7 Las Coloradas to create a defined edge and #5 Vegas Lights to add a deeper layer of balmy shine.

Lips & Blush: NAMING – Soft Matt Lipstick #February

Since the creamy cushion foundation requires blush with a similar texture and my powder blush didn’t quite work out, I decided to use the same lipstick for both my lips and cheeks. It has a perfect cool-toned wintry shade with a befitting name – February.

Using the lipstick as blush resulted in very delicate rosy cheeks that still leave the spotlight to the eyes and lips. The shade was in perfect harmony with the rest of the accented points. You can apply a thicker layer for a bolder look, or sheer it out for a subtler effect.

Products used for Look 2:



Eye shadow: CLIO – Pro Eye Palette #Into Lace

The palette has ten shades, including five neutral warm mattes and five glitters with different-sized glitter particles. Due to the creamy texture, it’s best to apply the glittery shades using your finger for better precision and minimal fallout. I used #3 Ginger Bird to create the base, #8 Gold Spirit for the inner upper lid, #6 Dazzling Drizzle to highlight the inner corner of the eye, and #9 Glitz Tonic for the outer corner of both the upper and lower lids.

Lips: WAKEMAKE – Rouge Gun Zero #Kill Me Red

This shade is not for the shy – the fiery red with a bit of orange pigment is so bright, it’ll attract all the attention in the room. The warm tone complements the CLIO palette and creates an overall harmonious yet outstanding look. Try this shade, or any deep red shade you’re comfortable with, to complement the molten gold colors of the eye shadow.

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