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On this installment of Small Talk, the YesStylist editors turn their attention to a dreamy collab between K-Beauty fave NEOGEN and K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher: the “Catch Your Dream Scent” series. Consisting of a perfumed hand cream and body mist, this collection promises to keep skin nourished while delivering a sweet-smelling boost. What’s more, items from the range come in candy-colored packaging that’s the stuff girly dreams are made of. Needless to say, we had to try them out.

Available individually or as sets of seven, both the hand cream and body mist are infused with scents that run the gamut from citrusy to musky. Each scent corresponds to an individual Dreamcatcher member. Join all seven of us for an in-depth discussion on whether this duo is destined for our beauty bags!

Michelle: Who loves a good scented beauty product? While strong perfumes aren’t my thing, there’s just something irresistible about a nice-smelling hand cream. Thoughts?

Agnes: I totally agree! I tend to go for unscented products when it comes to beauty, so anything scented seems like a luxury. 🥰

Zoe: I usually avoid perfumed hand creams because of my eczema, though I appreciate a good scent − it’s a great mood boost! 😂

Aria: I’m usually a fan of fragranced beauty products, but it can be hard to find a product with a perfectly balanced scent.

Melanie: Haha, a scented hand cream def motivates me to keep topping up throughout the day, which is great because I have dry hands.

Sarah: I’m usually not a huge fan of scented products, but if there’s one that’s light and gentle, it’s a keeper!

Maureen: Same here!

Aria: Sometimes you don’t feel like wearing strong perfume, but it’s always nice to smell your favorite scent as you go about your day. That’s why a good body mist or scented hand cream is a must-have. 🤩

Michelle: Yea, I know! I’m forever on the hunt for a nice-smelling hand cream.

I don’t know if you girls are up for it, but NEOGEN recently released a Catch Your Dream Scent collection with K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher! It includes a scented hand cream and a body mist, both in seven variations corresponding to individual Dreamcatcher members’ chosen scents.

Agnes: That sounds pretty cool! I’m always on the lookout for new hand creams, so I’m down to try this series. 💯

Sarah: That sounds like a fun collab! I saw on the site that you can take a quiz to see which member you’re a match with.

Zoe: I don’t have a Dreamcatcher bias, but I’m curious to see what scents are assigned to each member. I never seem to have enough hand creams, so let’s do that!

Melanie: I tried Siyeon’s Moonlight Musk! It’s so cool that they have a “Find Your Muse” test to find out which version suits you best. 😎

Zoe: Haha, that test doesn’t seem accurate to me at all! 😂 I kept getting Dami’s Self Bergamot but after smelling them all, I went with Sua’s Motion Suede hand cream instead, as I usually opt for wintry scents that are more gender neutral.

Agnes: Hmm, I didn’t take the test… Maybe I should give that a try next time. 🤔
I went for Yoohyeon’s Freedom Iris. I usually go for earthy scents, so this is not a typical pick for me, haha. The scent came off quite strong!

Aria: I tried the Daydream Sweety, and it’s my absolute favorite scent combo − vanilla and orange. 🤩 I think it’s Gahyeon’s choice? It was nice to discover that this Dreamcatcher version isn’t too bitter, unlike many other products infused with similar ingredients. 😆

Sarah: I tried the Self Bergamot hand cream, which is Dami’s pick. I was expecting a refreshing, tangy scent − so I was shocked when it ended up smelling sweet and floral.😮 Turns out its middle notes are rose and jasmine. 😕

Maureen: I took the test and got Love Rose 🌹, which is Handong’s pick. I’m usually not a fan of rose scents but I found this scent more acceptable than expected.

Zoe: I guess rose scents are usually pretty safe!

Michelle: I also repeatedly got Handong’s Love Rose after taking the test, despite my aversion to anything rose-related, lol. I went with the Passion Neroli hand cream in the end − a surprisingly strong citrusy aroma with musky undertones.

Melanie: My Moonlight Musk had a very earthy, woody scent, but it wasn’t too overpowering. 👍

Agnes: I can’t pinpoint the exact words to describe the Freedom Iris scent but it’s a mix of iris, rose and tuberose on top of a musky, woody base. Think I took a leap of faith here!

Zoe: Motion Suede is said to be a peony scent with orange notes, but the top note is actually apple. I think the musk base really added to the wintry feel. ❄️ I actually quite like it, haha.

Michelle: Is it just me or do the scents evaporate quickly?

Maureen: Yes, despite having essential oils in it!

Sarah: I had the opposite experience actually − my scent was super long-lasting, maybe coz it’s quite strong in the first place. 😅

Zoe: I actually think it evaporates to just the right level of intensity. As Agnes pointed out, the scent is quite strong when you first apply it!

Aria: Yea, I feel like mine was pretty strong when I first applied it, but it was gone quite quickly, maybe because the cream’s very light in general. 😆

Michelle: Five minutes after I applied the hand cream, the scent had pretty much gone down to an undetectable level.

Melanie: For me, the scent was long-lasting but the formula simply wasn’t moisturizing enough. 😲

Zoe: Yeah, that’s the biggest problem for me as well! 😂 Although it’s immediately hydrating, the Motion Suede hand cream isn’t as moisturizing as my usual hand cream. 😢

Agnes: That’s exactly how I feel! My skin needs more moisture, especially when I have eczema.

Aria: Agree − it absorbed quickly but lacked moisturizing power. On the plus side, you can use the keyboard or touch the phone right away without leaving oily fingerprints.

Maureen: I use it during the day after washing my hands, so I’m glad it’s not greasy. For the night, I usually turn to richer hand creams. On the whole, the Love Rose hand cream is hydrating enough for me − plus it keeps me awake when I feel sleepy in the office! 😴

Sarah: Personally, I found the hand cream quite moisturizing, with added ingredients like shea butter and olive oil, but maybe that’s coz my hands aren’t very dry.

Melanie: I think all of our creams have olive oil, papaya fruit extract and shea butter in the formula, and the only thing that’s different are the essential oils?

My Moonlight Musk has thyme essential oil, which is known for soothing properties! This ingredient is supposed to be effective in fading blemishes, calming irritations and healing rosacea.

Aria: The orange essential oil in my Daydream Sweety hand cream comes with a calming effect, and it sure worked every single time.

Agnes: My Freedom Iris comes with sandalwood oil, which is supposed to nourish skin overall while keeping it youthful-looking.

Maureen: My Love Rose version obviously has rose essential oil in it, which helps with anti-aging in addition to providing a romantic scent. 🥰

Michelle: My Passion Neroli hand cream is infused with petitgrain oil, which comes with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Agnes: Super hydrating or not, this hand cream is still a useful item to have in your bag when you’re out and about, especially for some quick nourishment! I also like the body mist.

Zoe: Yes, the body mist is pretty handy at providing a pick-me-up throughout the day. I hate smelling like a restaurant after lunch, so I sprayed it all over my clothes to cover the food smell. 😂 The scent is much lighter than the hand cream though, imo.

Sarah: Oh that’s a good idea, Zoe! I also hate smelling like restaurants so I’ll be sure to try that out. 😂

Aria: I’m confused that it’s called a body mist though − as Zoe mentioned, it actually works better and lasts longer if you use it as a fabric mist.

Zoe: Aria, I guess the scent does latch better onto clothes! When sprayed onto skin, it evaporates so quickly.

Agnes: usually just go all-out with a body mist. I spray it generously after lunch, when taking public transport and while I’m working out.

Maureen: I use it like a regular perfume, spraying it onto my neck and wrists before rubbing it lightly on my skin.

Michelle: My Passion Neroli body mist was actually quite strong compared to the hand cream! My room smelled citrusy for a very long time after I sprayed it all over myself, which wasn’t the effect I was hoping for.

Melanie: My mist smelled exactly like the hand cream, but again, my problem was that it wasn’t moisturizing enough.

Zoe: Just a second… is it meant to be moisturizing? 😮 I don’t associate body mists with skin care benefits, so I never thought of that!

Agnes: Same here, Zoe. I only care about the scent when it comes to body mists. For me, it was less strong compared to the hand cream… maybe coz the mist spreads out? I didn’t think much about its moisturizing powers.

Sarah: Both the mist and hand cream contain Ceragosine Complex, shea butter and olive oil for moisturizing effects! The mist also has a double-layered formula for instant moisture.

Zoe: Omg, I didn’t know that! Let me try rubbing some of it onto my dry elbows then. 😂

Maureen: Be sure to shake well before spraying to mix the two layers.

Michelle: Honestly, I still haven’t grasped the point of body mists, but my elbows could always use some extra hydration, lol.

Zoe: I guess this body mist is essentially a perfumed toner in a spray bottle. 😂

Sarah: Did anyone try using it on their face?

Agnes: LOL, I didn’t dare to, considering the strong scent!

Zoe: Same.

Aria: I haven’t tried it on the face, but it works great as hair perfume. 🥰

Melanie: Oh let me try that too! 🥳

Aria: I’m not sure my sensitive skin will like something so full of essential oils on my face. 🙁 Hello pimples!

Maureen: Yea, I dare not do that coz I’ve got sensitive skin too. 😟

Michelle: It would def cause an instant breakout for me. 😂 I’ll just keep using it for the body, fabric or room, to be on the safe side.
Btw, what do you all think of the packaging? Mine came in the most gorgeous shade of pink! 🥰

Zoe: My Motion Suede hand cream and mist come in my favorite muted mint green! 🥰 I love the illustrations on them – so boho chic!

Maureen: 😂 Michelle, are you sure yours is the most gorgeous shade of pink? Coz I love my peachy pink Love Rose packaging too!

Sarah: I love the pastel yellow color of Self Bergamot! So pretty ☀️, and the Dreamcatcher print on the packaging adds a unique, dreamy touch!

Agnes: I like the packaging, hehe. ❤️ My Freedom Iris hand cream and mist came in a gentle blue color, which resonates well with the Dreamcatcher designs.

Aria: Daydream Sweety came in the softest light blue. It’s a very calming color and matches well with the orange essential oil in the formula, which has calming properties! 😊

Melanie: The packaging matches Dreamcatcher as a K-pop group coz it’s got a gothic touch to it! 🔥 Oh and Michelle, I got your fave color purple, haha.

Aria: Dreamcatcher fan detected! 😆 I didn’t know they have a gothic vibe. 😅

Maureen: I love that each of the dreamcatcher patterns on the packaging is different.

Sarah: Oh wow, Maureen I didn’t notice ‘till you mentioned it! 😮 Such attention to detail. ⭐

Michelle: I know, I seriously thought they were all the same. 😂

Maureen: My Love Rose design has a rose motif in the middle. It’s so dreamy! I’ll definitely keep the bottle.

Agnes: Oh! I just did a double take because I didn’t realize they came in different designs! So nice and intricate.

Melanie: Maureen, keeping the bottle is a great idea! I can use mine as a hand sanitizer spray bottle.

Maureen: Tho I’m not a K-pop fan, it’s cool that both items came with random photo cards of a Dreamcatcher member. 😳

Aria: If there’s a fan here, I’ll give them all the photo cards from my products. 😆

Maureen: Same here~, any Handong fans? I’ve got two in different designs – one from the hand cream, another from the mist.

{Long pause}

Michelle: Haha, guess none of us are ardent Dreamcatcher fans! 😂 But seriously, does it even matter when the designs are so pretty? If you’re looking to add a dreamy touch to your vanity, this collection is it.


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