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The New Year has come and gone, but the window for making resolutions remains open! In the past, I’ve always failed to live up to my fashion resolutions, whether it’s shopping more sustainably, dressing in a more grown-up way, or anchoring a capsule wardrobe in less than ten pieces. This year, I’m determined to make style resolutions I can stick to, from infusing my outfits with K-pop-worthy colors to welcoming back fashion pieces designed for big nights out – all while staying true to my own fashion instincts.

Designed to facilitate bolder style choices while reining in excesses, these seven fashion resolutions are reminders that when it comes to upping your style game, it pays to start early.


Who says summer colors aren’t winter-appropriate? Kickstart 2022 with a bold palette to make up for the numerous times you’ve mistakenly thought safe and somber outfits make you seem sleek and grown-up! If head-to-toe neon isn’t your thing (and let’s face it, neon is hard to pull off, especially on a Monday), go for a pop of bubblegum pink or lime green for a mood boost that stops short of being OTT. Accessorize wisely with juicily-colored berets, crew socks and belts for an attention-grabbing finish that’s the best antidote to winter neutrals.

From left to right:
Argyle sweater, pink joggers, chunky cardigan, green shoulder bag


Blend the classical and the irreverent by raiding your grandma’s wardrobe while paying tribute to your inner siren. If this sounds confusing, hear me out. When rendered head-to-toe, grandmacore can easily tip over into dowdy, while the showgirl aesthetic often sacrifices nuance for unapologetic sex appeal. Mix both styles together in small doses, however, and these opposing trends can infuse an outfit with edge. For a glammed-up take on grandmacore, opt for a sexy version of the classic twin-set. Alternatively, mix vintage prints with provocative hemlines and inject luxe elements into the modest midi. But maybe stay away from the ubiquitous Peter Pan collar.

From left to right:
Cropped twin-set, embroidered midi skirt, faux pearl socks, flower sweater vest


In 2022, the 90s will continue to be a wellspring of inspo for the girl about town. Instead of slavishly recreating that era’s greatest hits, go for a sleek update that’s Instagrammable. For simple yet sassy looks, keep cropped, décolletage-baring cardigans at the ready, as well as cropped blazers, velveteen hoodies, low-riding jeans and 2022’s take on slip dresses. Mix these fashion pieces with grungy staples like plaid pants, asymmetrically-cut skirts and oversized denim jackets for looks that blend the polished with the punkish.

From left to right:
Velour zip-up hoodie, two-tone cropped blazer, mini slip dress, black and white plaid pants


The ubiquitous white sneakers − you probably own several pairs! Admittedly, they’re easy to style. Ditto combat boots, which are great at toughening up an ultra-femme ensemble and complementing a grunge-infused outfit. If you’re itching to switch things up a bit this year, re-introduce statement shoes back to your wardrobe, such as sleek lace-up pumps, neon-colored boots or orange point-toe mules! You’ll find that far from cramping your style (or causing blisters), these bold yet highly wearable options instantly complement an eclectic K-pop-style ensemble or a preppy, streamlined look.

From left to right:
Point-toe flared heel ankle boots, burgundy chunky loafers, orange point-toe mules, black lace-up pumps


Is there anything more ubiquitous on social media and IRL than discreet gold hoop earrings (besides white sneakers)? From sparkly versions in hammered gold to plain huggies with unisex appeal, gold hoops fit so many aesthetics that they’ve become a byword for failsafe accessories. Let 2022 be the year you switch things up in a maximalist direction! Nothing screams optimism more than dangly earrings radiating 80s flair or cutesy designs featuring daisy charms. If you wish to remain low-key while stepping out of your comfort zone, consider this bold take on the hoop that’s luxe yet edgy. Or try these vintage-inspired specimens designed for cocktail hour to add a retro-themed elegance to your look.

From left to right:
Rhinestone cocktail earrings, golden chain earrings, faux pearl large stud earrings, , flower dangly earrings


If there’s one thing the last two exhausting years have taught us, it’s the value of comfortable get-ups over statement-making looks. That doesn’t mean we should embrace slob chic wholesale. We need to find the sweet spot between elegance and comfort: sweats are out, but slouchy sweaters, long-line shackets and wide-leg pants are in. Featuring edgy tailoring, quirky details and unexpected fabrics, 2022’s looks harness going-out energy while retaining the coziness of loungewear. For a look that’s more than a little bit edgy, pair a snazzy cut-out top with slim-fit cut out pants and ankle boots – a perfect blend of haute and street styles.

From left to right:
Lime green cutout top, quilted midi skirt, white cutout pants, frill trim puffer vest


Dream a little with clothes that celebrate escapist fun! Classic silhouettes are failsafe options, but it pays to mix things up with fantastical edge. Incorporate your outfit with a dramatically swishy skirt or an oversized lace collar oozing Alice in Wonderland vibes. Dare to go for bold color-blocking design, swap the dependable pleather belt for a layered chain version, and don’t always reach for that timeless winter coat guaranteed to survive social media trends. When planning your OOTD, ask yourself: “what would the parallel world version of myself wear?” Put a fresh spin on whatever aesthetic you’re going for, whether it’s cottagecore or unapologetically corporate workwear. Celebrate 2022 by straying a little bit more beyond your comfort zone – it’ll pay dividends.

From left to right:
Lace collar velvet turtleneck, oversized color-block shirt, tiered mesh midi skirt, layered waist chain

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