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Created by Hirohiko Araki, the popular JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures manga and animated series are known for intricate art, extravagant style, dramatic poses and bizarre plotlines. Netflix dropped the David Production-produced anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, based on Part 6 of the manga, back in December, giving global JoJo fans like me a chance to binge the first 12 episodes of the animated series before its official TV release in Japan.

Fashion, hair and makeup are never bland in the JoJo universe. There’s always something we can take from the characters to spice up your existing wardrobe. Read on for some adventurous styling ideas based on your Stone Ocean zodiac twin!

SPOILER ALERT: The following may contain spoilers from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stone Ocean.

Aquarius: Jotaro Kujo

Stepping back from his Stardust Crusaders days, Jotaro returns in Stone Ocean not as a male lead but as protagonist Jolyne Cujoh’s dad. While retaining his usual calmness and seriousness, Jotaro’s look embodies more flamboyance and color in Stone Ocean than what he wore in previous seasons. Star motifs that reference his Stand ability, Star Platinum, are a key theme to his current look as seen on his hat, jacket and shirt.

Styling notes: Jotaro’s brazenly JoJo-esque look is full of star motifs and bold color schemes, while emphasizing the essentiality of hats as he is never seen without one. To capture Jotaro’s essence in a sleek look without looking like cosplay, only incorporate one statement piece at a time as an outfit mood booster, such as patterned pants with a black tee and long coat.

Pisces: Jolyne Cujoh

No other zodiac combo displays as much conflict and emotional disparity as Pisces and Aquarius, which is evident in Jolyne’s deep-rooted daddy issues with Jotaro. What other characteristics about Jolyne are undoubtedly Piscean? There’s her intuitive nature and quick temper, as well as her selfless tendency, like how she took the blame for her boyfriend’s crimes.

In the style department, Jolyne is unapologetically expressive. The first thing anybody notices about Jolyne, besides the hair, is the form-fitting tank top embellished with the trademark butterfly motif that echoes her arm tattoo. Jolyne’s entire look screams Y2K club kid vibes.

Styling notes: If you love showing off your midriff, do it Jolyne style with a cropped tank top. Pair the top with mid-rise or low-rise pants in a matching color or print to translate the essence of Jolyne’s look into everyday swag. Throughout her adventures in Stone Ocean, Jolyne dons a series of one-button jackets in varying lengths over her signature outfit, which is another trick to transform the same ensemble with a completely different mood. Throw on a butterfly pendant necklace to tie your look with quintessential Jolyne vibes.

Aries: Rikiel

After unlocking his Stand abilities, Rikiel went from a meek and anxious individual to a confident, honorable and brave character. His hardcore tendencies and determinedness are also archetypical Arian qualities. Sartorially, Rikiel can be spotted instantly with his allover cow print one-piece that comes with a snood.

Styling notes: To channel Rikiel’s iconic moo prints-galore fashion, follow a few tips from our animal print Style Dials video. Hint: you can never be too extra with monochromatic animal prints. While it may not be feasible to wear such a statement one-piece like he does every day, you can still play up any monochrome outfit by incorporating cow-print items into the look!

Taurus: Ermes Costello

Jolyne and Ermes have a close sisterly bond at the ultra security Green Dolphin Street Prison. As a character, Ermes is headstrong, down-to-earth and pragmatic. She rocks braided locks and has tanned skin. Her outfit is made up of bright green and golden yellow tones with a unique layering combo – a sleeveless turtleneck layered under a V-neck vest – all tied together with contrasting dark gray flared pants.  

Styling notes: If you’re looking for an impactful way to add colors to your look, take notes from Ermes’s sleeveless double layering trick. Accessories are also essential to achieving her look, such as chunky arm bands, hair barrettes and a vest jacket embellished with distinctive features like pockets and button details.

Gemini: Enrico Pucci

Born on June 5th, Pucci is a Gemini. As the chaplain of Green Dolphin Street Prison, Pucci is always seen in a long black gown emblazoned with a golden cross at the center, expensive pants and leather shoes.

Styling notes: Embrace an all-black and well-tailored silhouette as effortlessly as Pucci’s. You can emulate a similar level of sass by layering tapered black pants under a long black dress with side slits. Opt for a jacket or a sweater with a big cross print at the  front for a more literal interpretation of Pucci’s look. For a pop of bling, throw on a layered gold-tone necklace to elevate the all-black look.

Cancer: Emporio Alnino

At the start of Stone Ocean, Emporio repeatedly reaches out to warn Jolyne about forthcoming dangers despite his timid nature. His Stand ability, Burning Down The House, helps him stay under the radar at the Green Dolphin Street Prison. Emporio is always seen in head-to-toe baseball attire, complete with a baseball and mitt.

Styling notes: Instead of going all out in baseball gear, pick one or two elements of Emporio’s look to translate his vibes into your everyday wardrobe. Take a white cap and sky blue sneakers for start, and pair them with a striped top and matching shorts for a breezy, summer holiday look. Or coordinate them with a tailored jacket plus a skirt with contrasting button and pocket details for a refreshing smart casual look.


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