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Pinterest Predicts Fashion Trends 2022

Each year, Pinterest offers a trend prediction report based on the most popular Pinterest searches. The image-sharing social media platform’s latest report, the Pinterest Predicts 2022, covers over 175 biggest trends across 13 categories including fashion, beauty, well-being, food and drink, hobbies and interests, celebrations, home, tech, travel, pets, parenting and finance.

Below are the rising trends in fashion. The bracketed numbers indicate the year-on-year increase of terms that were highly searched and saved on the platform. If you’re in need of fashion inspirations, these hot topics can help! In February, we’ll also cover beauty trends 2022 as forecasted by Pinterest. For the full report, please visit pinterestpredicts.com

Dopamine Dressing

According to Pinterest, this year is all about dressing up in rainbow colors (think Olivia Rubin, the British fashion designer famous for collections in pastel rainbow palettes). From feel-good fuschia to electric blue, outfits in vibrant color palettes will be popular this year among all genders and age groups.

Rainbow Dress Women +2x
Fuchsia Dress Outfit +4x
Electric Blue Outfit +140%
Vibrant Outfits +16x
Gradient Dress +95%

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