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With the holidays over, my skin has endured quite a ride from all the glam-up nights out. I’m in desperate need of a skin rescue for my dull and fatigued skin. Getting sleep would be a big help, but I’m looking for direct, tangible and hopefully quick results.

I turned to NEOGEN’s Surmedic Pink Vita Brightening Special Set, which is suited for most skin types and treats skin concerns such as dull and lackluster skin. I was drawn to the name itself as I’m a fan of products that brighten skin. Its girly pink packaging is a plus. The set includes the Pink Vita Brightening Capsule Essence and Pink Vita Brightening Toning Cream, both of which promise to glow up and revitalize skin.

With the new year in full swing, I’m ready to get down to serious business when it comes to improving my skin condition. Read along to see how my skin fared after a two-week trial of this duo.

Pink Vita Brightening Capsule Essence   

What it is: A brightening essence to reduce hyperpigmentation, even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s formulated with Vitamin B12 to stimulate cell growth and pink vitamin oil capsules with glutathione to brighten skin.

My experience: I was captivated by the presentation of the essence. The glass bottle showcased a transparent texture with goblet-looking pink capsules dispersed in the formula, as if you’re looking at swarms of jellyfish (minus the tentacles) in the sea. I pumped once and got a generous viscous dollop that was shimmery, possibly from the capsules that released micro-sized particles when the essence got pumped out. The formula’s light rosy scent made me think that I was using a luxury skin care item. I don’t usually use essences, but I understand why they are necessary for extra moisture. I surely felt the moisturizing power first and foremost from NEOGEN’s essence. Though it took a bit of time to settle into my skin, the essence’s brightening properties enlivened my skin. My face looked smooth and clear.

Pink Vita Brightening Toning Cream

What it is: A moisturizing cream infused with pink vitamin oil and glutathione to brighten skin and even skin tone.

My experience: The cream’s pretty pink packaging resembles an eye cream. The formula boasts a pale pink color with a moisturizing texture perfect for the cold months we’re now in. I started with a pea-sized dollop, and then increased the amount a bit to cover my entire face. The cream didn’t feel dense or thick despite its moisturizing properties. It created a thin film over my skin and seamlessly absorbed, leaving a silky finish. The cream has light rosy scent similar to the essence, putting my mind in a field of flowers. My skin looked radiant with a dewy glow that’s normally hard to come by for me, so I was satisfied with the results.   

Final Thoughts

Post-trial, my skin looked brighter and revitalized. I didn’t have to wait two weeks to see the results. NEOGEN’s Surmedic Pink Vita Brightening Special Set delivered on its claims. Plus the products have a luxe air to them, especially the Pink Vita Brightening Capsule Essence with its glass container and gold-themed packaging design. I was pleased with the experience and my radiant skin.

I wouldn’t say the Pink Vita Brightening Capsule Essence and Pink Vita Brightening Toning Cream are must-haves for the vanity, but they’re worth trying if you want to experiment with different brightening products. You have my word that NEOGEN’s Surmedic Pink Vita Brightening Special Set works as intended!

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