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Do you set New Year’s resolutions and personal goals every year? Kicking off the first episode of 2022, Yes Whut host Zoe and newly joined editor Aria talk about this time of year when many people are making resolutions. They share their list of New Year’s resolutions and achievable goals for 2022! For more “new year, new you” inspiration, tune into our latest episode!

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Skin Care & Beauty

Let’s be honest: You can’t achieve youthful and flawless skin overnight. Skin requires consistent care in the form of an effective skin care routine for it to be in its best state. In 2022, Aria will start to streamline her daily skin care routine to allow herself some time to incorporate products that replenish her skin. Zoe plans to adopt a more diligent approach to her skin care routine, such as applying eye cream daily in the morning and night. In terms of makeup, Aria will experiment more with textures and colors, and Zoe will incorporate blush and contouring products to her daily makeup routine!

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