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If you’re up to date with K-Beauty’s latest trends, you probably already know about human stem cell culture solution. This buzz-worthy ingredient often used in anti-aging skin care prevents hyperpigmentation, enhances collagen production and promotes skin elasticity. With the motto “The answer is human,” Korean brand XOUL integrates human stem cell ingredients in formulas to create innovative, affordable and accessible beauty products. Fellow editor Melanie reviewed three of the brand’s bestsellers last October, including the XOUL Layered Cream, Secret Solution Cream Mask Set and Ever Moist Lip Balm.

I’m always on the lookout for a gentle yet thorough cleanser, and I’m not one to shy away from new and interesting technologies. As such, I welcomed the opportunity to try XOUL’s Pure Cell Cleansing Gel and Calming Cell Toner for a two-week trial. Both products contain human stem cell conditioned media extract, which protects and strengthens the skin barrier while maintaining healthy, hydrated and soothed skin. These two products have passed skin irritation tests, making them suitable for those with a sensitive skin type. Will I walk away from this experience cursing or thanking my curiosity? Let’s find out!

Pure Cell Cleansing Gel 130ml


The hypoallergenic Pure Cell Cleansing Gel claims to remove 99.9% of fine dust, makeup residue and blackheads while protecting skin from dryness after washing. It contains key ingredients such as vitamin tree fruit extract to remove waste from skin and pores, as well as centella asiatica extract to strengthen the skin barrier, leaving skin clear, moisturized and revitalized. The cleansing gel creates soft and smooth micro bubbles for high cleansing power.

Off the bat, I love the luxe yellowish-beige pump bottle. The formula is clear and slightly viscous, and it foams up as you massage it onto skin. The cleansing gel felt extremely nourishing and moisturizing, offering a purified and smooth finish. Whether I was using the cleanser on my bare skin or makeup applied-face, it left my skin feeling refreshed and deeply cleansed without stripping it dry. The only downside to this product was its smell. Although XOUL Cosmetic describes the fragrance as a soft mint scent, I thought it smelled slightly chemical-y and unnatural – however, it wasn’t overly strong. I  reached for this cleansing gel with anticipation every morning and night, and I will keep using it after this two-week trial period.

In terms of application, I tried lathering the cleansing gel on my palms before applying it on my face, as well as applying directly on my face and lathering it after, and found that both methods worked well. In addition, I used the cleansing gel with XOUL’s Soft Touch Cleansing Pad Set, which includes two cleansing pads and a stainless steel clamp. The double-sided cleansing pads are made of 100% organic natural fibers for a gentle yet thorough cleanse. The gauze side eliminates dead skin cells for smooth skin, while the terry cloth side removes excess sebum and blackheads. As such, the pad doubles up on the cleansing gel’s properties, enhancing blackhead care and improving skin texture. I appreciated having the cleansing pad as a hygienic, hands-free option. However, I struggled a bit with the cleansing pad quickly absorbing up all the product, which made it hard to massage the gel across my skin.

Calming Cell Toner 130ml


With an easily absorbed formula and fresh, non-sticky finish, the XOUL Calming Cell Toner contains eight kinds of moisturizing peptide ingredients, as well as centella asiatica extract to strengthen the skin barrier. The toner can be used to remove waste and light makeup on skin, pairing perfectly with the Pure Cell Cleansing Gel to keep skin clean and healthy. It can also be used for body care on areas such as the back, legs and elbows.

Housed in a sleek translucent bottle with a contrasting rose gold cap, the milky-white toner is extremely lightweight. Like the cleansing gel, the toner offers a nourishing and moisturized finish. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the formula is scentless. There was no noticeable fragrance when I first applied the toner using the Half Drop Skin Pad, and even when I poured the product directly on my hands for a whiff, there wasn’t a hint of aroma.

XOUL’s Half Drop Skin Pad comes in a large box with 80 pieces. Made with eco-friendly cotton sheets that are free of harmful substances in accordance with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, these curved, double-layered pads help formulas adhere closely to skin and enhance moisturizing and soothing effects. Using the toner with the pads was quick and easy, and I appreciated that it didn’t leave a sticky finish. It served as the perfect next step after the cleansing gel, making my skin feel well-balanced and healthy.

Overall Thoughts

Honestly, if I was unaware about the human stem cell ingredients in XOUL’s Pure Cell Cleansing Gel and Calming Cell Toner, I would never have noticed. They looked, smelled and felt like any other skin care item I’ve used before. These products deeply cleansed and moisturized my skin with their refreshing formulas. If you’re wary of trying a new ingredient, I urge you to test these two products out! Human stem cell conditioned media extract strengthens the skin barrier while maintaining healthy, hydrated and soothed skin, targeting common skin concerns. I especially love the Pure Cell Cleansing Gel, which has become one of my new holy-grail cleansers. It’s fuss-free, gentle and leaves my skin feeling baby-smooth and free of dirt and makeup.

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