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If you’re into Korean skin care, you’ve probably heard of PURITO. Many of its products have been praised by skin care influencers such as Hyram, James Welsh and Lab Muffin Beauty Science (who is an actual cosmetic chemist), making this brand hard to miss.

Vegan and cruelty-free, PURITO is known for its outstanding approach to skin care. Instead of promising immediate changes, the brand offers a milder approach based on consistent use, so you’ll see the results over time instead of overnight. That makes me curious as I find the long-term approach more effective – it allows me to see if certain ingredients and formulations really work for my skin.

PURITO stresses the importance of sustainability. Among its pledges are reducing carbon footprint, waste, water and energy consumption, and use of fossil resources. PURITO further proves its commitment to eco-consciousness by using recycled plastic for its bottles and biodegradable materials for its boxes, as well as soy ink instead of artificial chemical ink.

I chose to try out PURITO’s Pure Vitamin C Serum, Sea Buckthorn Vital 70 Cream and Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence as they promise to do exactly what I look for in skin care – brightening complexion and evening out skin texture, with additional UV protection and anti-aging effect.

Experience: The packaging of the Sea Buckthorn Vital 70 Cream reminded me of a prescription cream from a dermatologist rather than an over-the-counter skin care product. The moment I unscrewed the cap, I immediately thought this product would be the new favorite of my morning routine. Its fresh citrus scent woke me up and gave me that boost of energy I needed in addition to my daily cup of coffee. Unlike many other citrus extracts, citrus unshiu (also known as satsuma mandarin) extract adds a refreshing scent without sensitizing skin. The cream’s weightless jelly-like texture allows effortless application without tugging skin, which may aggravate skin conditions and decrease skin elasticity.

Result:  The result was noticeable quite fast. In just a couple of weeks, my skin texture became smoother and post-acne scars faded. My skin has become firmer, more reinvigorated and less irritable, thanks to sea buckthorn extract in the formula which contains around 2,000mg of Vitamin C, as well as other vitamins and fatty acids.

Experience: I applied this light-textured transparent serum in the morning, as Vitamin C works in tandem with sunscreens to fight free radicals and protect skin from UV damage. The serum was slightly hydrating thanks to bamboo water and hydrolyzed jojoba esters, and I didn’t have any problems layering it under makeup. Unfortunately, the formula isn’t the most stable and the serum oxidized within a month so I had to stop using it.

Result: The result was promising in the beginning. The serum moisturized and visibly reduced inflammation on my skin. If I kept the bottle in the refrigerator, it probably would have lasted longer.

Experience: I was excited to try this toner essence. Anything that contains fermented ingredients instantly captures my attention since I’ve used galactomyces ferment filtrate before and was more than satisfied with the results. One of the best unscented toners I’ve ever tried, this power essence is transparent, slightly viscous and almost instantly absorbed by skin. The texture is why I refer to it as a toner – it’s much lighter than most essences I’ve tried. The formula contains a fermented complex of lactobacillus derived from rice ferment and bifida ferment lysate, which reportedly improves skin’s defense against environmental aggressors by strengthening its microbiome. It also contains green tea extract, another favorite soothing ingredient of mine, and niacinamide to brighten and condition skin.

Result: Thanks to the lack of fragrance and its watery and easily absorbed texture, this toner was pleasant to apply, be it with toner pads or bare hands. My skin looked more revitalized after each use, and I’m delighted to see it becoming less dull.


Using the three PURITO products in tandem brightened my skin tone and made my skin look less gray and dull. All three products felt weightless and were instantly absorbed by skin. The Sea Buckthorn Vital 70 Cream not only reinvigorated skin but also gave me a morning boost with its refreshing scent. I didn’t experience any irritation with the Pure Vitamin C Serum despite my fears that it might cause unpleasant sensations. My only concern was the quick oxidation of the formula, so I’d recommend keeping the serum in the refrigerator to avoid wastage.

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