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Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you in a relationship right now or still trying to find that special someone? If you don’t have a date today but you’re still looking for a match, the hit Korean dating reality show Single’s Inferno offers some lessons on modern dating!

Aired on Netflix from December 18 to January 8, the show places 12 single men and women on the deserted Saseungbong island (the Inferno) for a week. Contestants must pair up or win competitions to escape the island for a date night at the luxurious Paradise City hotel and resort.

Some contestants became more popular than others on the show but each contestant has their own charms. Take this short quiz below to find out which female contestant you’re most like, and get some dating tips from the show while you’re at it!

  1. Are you athletic?
    Yes → Go to question 2
    No → Go to question 3
  2. Are you assertive?
    Yes → You’re Kang So-yeon
    No → You’re An Yea-won
  3. Are you competitive?
    Yes → Go to question 4
    No → You’re Kim Su-min
  4. Do you like the color pink?
    Yes → Go to question 5
    No → You’re Seong Min-ji
  5. Is it hard for people to approach you?
    Yes → You’re Song Ji-a
    No → You’re Shin Ji-yeon

So you’re Kang So-yeon

Her style: So-yeon acts like a big sister among the group because she’s the eldest and has an assertive personality. So-yeon interrogated her love interest Jin-taek when he was forced to choose a different partner. She also sparked a heated discussion with Se-hoon for obsessing over Ji-yeon. Fashion-wise, So-yeon is  not afraid to experiment with bright solid colors in her daytime wear. While at the hotel, she dressed down, reflecting her bold and carefree personality.  
Her edge: Athletic, introspective, loyal, sincere
Our tips: Let go of your urge to nag. Instead, try to have constructive communication with your love interest.

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