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UNLEASHIA’s signature products are all things glitter. The K-Beauty brand’s Pretty Easy Glitter Stick turns makeup application into a fun process, while giving the eyes some much-needed accent when we have to wear masks. The pen-like design makes it easy to coat your lower and upper lids with shine. The soft texture effortlessly glides on skin and contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and aloe vera leaf extract to nourish skin. Available in seven colors, this glitter stick offers good color payoff, long-lasting adherence and care for the tender skin around the eyes.

In February’s Small Talk, six editors tried out four colors, including No.5 Dusk (Rose Gold), No.6 Wee Hours (Blue + Purple Pearl), No.7 Sheer Skin (Creamy Nude) and No.8 Nudy Morn (Nude Pink), and shared their experiences.

Aria: If you love makeup, you’ve surely thought now that we have to wear masks in public all the time, eye makeup is quite important. Do you guys agree?

Agnes: I agree! 💯 People can only see our eyes now when we’re out and about, so better be on fleeeek!

Zoe: Yeah, after I started wearing face masks, I make sure my eyeliner and eyebrows are extra on fleek in comparison to before 😂

Michelle: OMG yes! I used to be a lippy addict all the way, and now I’m totally an eye makeup person lol.

Zoe: But I’m always rushing when I’m getting ready so I never have the time to do fancy eye makeup. 👀 My other issue is that eye shadows always smudge around my eye lids and undereye area. 😱

Melanie: Oh yes, I’m on the same page with you guys!

Aria: I feel that for eye makeup you only need a couple of items, but they should be of very good quality and do their job perfectly.

Agnes: Exactly, but also they should be easy to apply so it doesn’t take too long.

Melanie: Aria, do you have any good recommendations for eye makeup? 🤩

Aria: Recently I tried a stick eye shadow by UNLEASHIA called Pretty Easy Glitter Stick, and it has all the qualities I need from a good makeup product. On top of that, the packaging looks sleek and modern in black and white, and the cap closes properly so I don’t risk my makeup bag getting all stained by eye shadow. 😂

Maureen: I’m intrigued! I hope it’s easy to apply. 😛

Michelle: I hope it lives up to its name!

Aria: It definitely lives up to its name. It’s super easy to apply and the texture just glides on your lids! 

Melanie: I’ve heard great things about UNLEASHIA’s makeup products and I have to say I love the cute packaging –  the box and the pen itself. (angel)

Agnes: Ohh, I’m already biased because of the “Pretty Easy” in its name. 😉 And I like the pen-like design – that should help apply the formula cleanly, neatly and quickly!

Zoe: I love the velvet texture on the box. 👀 It really sets expectations for the product. 😂

Maureen: I love the fonts. XD

Michelle: This packaging is 🔥, a really great departure from the usual dreamy pastels!

Zoe: There’s something quite indie and hippie about the aesthetics 💫💞

Agnes: What colors did you guys try?

Maureen: How many colors are there?

Aria: I think there are 8 colors in total in the collection. I tried No.3 Wee Hours (light purple) and No.8 Nudy Morn (gold). The names alone are something. 😂

Melanie: I tried No.8 Nudy Morn and No.7 Sheer Skin~

Agnes: Oh I tried Nudy Morn, too! And No.5 Dusk. TBH, I’ve never been a big fan of glitter so I chose these two for being super similar to skin tone. I quite liked the color payoff – minimal yet shiny. ⭐

Michelle: Got No.3 Wee Hours as well, and No.7 Sheer Skin (pale gold).

Maureen: I got No.5 Dusk and No.7 Sheer Skin. Dusk is supposed to be orange but it’s quite subtle. Sheer Skin looks like champagne gold.

Aria: The color payoff is great. Subtle yet shimmery enough to attract attention to the eyes with the subtle glimmering finish.

Melanie: I usually stick with low-key and subtle colors like Sheer Skin, but to my surprise I loved Nudy Morn more ✨ coz it’s more pigmented!

Agnes: I don’t know if any of you think the same, but Nudy Morn wasn’t too glittery. Rather, it left a metallic sheen over my lids??

Michelle: It’s pretty low-key as far as glitter sticks go, I think? I’m not a big fan of Sheer Skin as it’s way too subtle, but Wee Hours (what a name!) is a winner.

Zoe: I tried Wee Hours and Dusk. 😂 To be honest, purple and coral pink aren’t usually colors that complement my skin tone, so I was surprised how these two particular shades actually looked quite nice on me. 🤔

Aria: I feel like the colors are only distinguishable when you’re looking at them very closely, but it still looks gorgeous with the light glimmer making people wonder what color it is.

Melanie: I’m also impressed with the staying power! IT DOESN’T COME OFF EASILY! I tried smudging it on purpose but the shimmer was still there. 👏

Zoe: OMG yes, the formula is great! I tried it with and without eye primer, and it stayed put all day long without smudging!

Agnes: I tested washing it off with water, and it didn’t come off! Stubborn but in a good way haha!

Michelle: Haha I actually found that it came off more easily than I expected! Maybe I just have a really powerful cleanser – no excessive scrubbing needed. 😂

Zoe: I usually double cleanse when I wear makeup, but I had to use cleansing water on top of that to make sure all the glitters were removed.

Maureen: Me too! I tried oil cleanser at first but there was still glitter left over, so I followed by swiping with a cotton pad soaked in cleansing water.

Aria: I wash it off with makeup remover made for waterproof eye makeup. The stick has strong adhering power. I applied it early in the morning and it survived without smudging until the evening. The best part was it didn’t dry my skin. Usually I find long-lasting products quite drying.

Melanie: Oh, it’s infused with Vitamins C and E and aloe vera extract, that’s why! Bonus points for that!

Aria: Oh, so it’s not just an ordinary eye shadow stick! K-Beauty always manages to surprise me with these details.

Melanie: Yea they never forget skin care hahahah!

Michelle: I also love how slender the stick is – It’s so much easier to apply at the inner corners of the eyes!

Agnes: I took the liberty of using my fingertip to dab it on one occasion and it felt smooth too!

Melanie: Have you guys tried using it to outline your lips? I saw pictures of people using it as a lip liner. 😂 Just curious, I’ve only used it for the eyes.

Aria: Oh I haven’t thought of that, but now I’m curious to try!

Agnes: Hmm, I don’t think I’m keen to use it on my lips. 😅 I don’t know, maybe on the Cupid’s bow? But I’d totally use it to highlight my cheekbones!

Michelle: Hahaha same! I’m not sure about using it on my lips, except for maybe a dash of it? But perhaps on my face. 🤔

Zoe: I think they’d work as a highlighter for my cheekbones but I haven’t tried it out yet. 😂

Aria: I used it under my brow to make it look more defined. 😂

Melanie: Yeah, it definitely can be used to highlight the brow bone! (sparkles)

Agnes: These are must-haves if you’re going for a full glowy makeup look!

Maureen: I wasn’t a fan of glitter but these really changed up my makeup game, given how easy they are to apply. I feel like 2 strokes and my makeup’s done. XD

Michelle: I know, it’s just swipe and go! Beats the hassle of applying eye shadow when it’s 7:30 a.m. and you’re already late for work.

Zoe: Yes, it defo changed my morning makeup routine. 😂

Agnes: I bet you can even apply it on the run. It’ll still look pretty on point haha.

Zoe: I guess you can’t really go wrong with them.

Michelle: By the way, has anyone tried combining two shades together? Or with other eye makeup products that are more pigmented?

Agnes: Because my colors are pretty transparent and close to skin color, I used a darker beige/brownish base before using the sticks over it.

Aria: I usually use a darker eye shadow as base on the upper lid, and apply the glitter stick on the lower eyelid and at the corner of the eye, sometimes combining colors, and it looks great! Light purple at the corner of the eye, golden shimmer on the lower lid instead of eyeliner, and I’m ready to go.

Zoe: I’ve used both of mine at the same time but didn’t really blend them together. Dusk and Wee Hours kinda just sit together in a subtle, glitzy gradient. 🌆

Maureen: Yes, it creates that aegyo puppy eye effect when used under the eyes.

Zoe: Maureen, that’s what I do too! It helps cover my panda eyes. 😂

Michelle: Wow, thanks for all the tips! I need to pick up the glitter sticks again and experiment some more.

Maureen: Dusk + Wee Hours, how romantic! 🥺

Zoe: 😂

Michelle: What about Nudy Morn + Wee Hours? 😂

Zoe: So classy!

Maureen: Sexy! ❤️

Aria: So if you were to give a score from 1 to 10, how many points would these glitter sticks get? 😀 I’d give 8/10 for being smudge-proof and long lasting, but I still wish they’re a bit more pigmented.

Melanie: I’ll give this a solid 7! This pen is super versatile~ Basically perfect for any kind of makeup look – whether you wanna keep it low-key or go all out! ⭐

Agnes: Hmmm, I’d give a 7. I’m happy they don’t leave a crusty dry finish like some glitter products do, but I’m not wow-ed by them.

Maureen: 9, in my case. It’s actually for convenience, versatility, smooth finishing and adherence, maybe since I’ve never tried a glitter stick before. By the way, it’s vegan and cruelty free, bonus to that!

Michelle: On account of the gorgeous packaging, user-friendly design and uber long-lasting formula, I’d give it a 7! Taking a few points off because I’m still not a big fan of glitter. 🤷‍♀️

Zoe: I think it’s a solid 7 as well. Overall, I like the finish, ease of use and cute packaging, but it requires some effort to thoroughly remove. It’d be nice if they could introduce more colors to the range! ⭐

Michelle: I know, I find myself wishing these glitter sticks come in neon shades! 😂

Aria: Neon is supposed to be in this year, so hopefully we’ll get some of those! 🤩


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