Treating Oily Skin with SNP prep’s Clayronic Line – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

Treating Oily Skin with SNP prep’s Clayronic Line – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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My skin has seen the best of days and the worst of days. On its best days, my confidence soars but on its worst days, I just want to be a hermit. At the start of this month, my combination skin became unattractively greasy. It felt malnourished, stripped of moisture and quite bare, partly caused by the cold and dry weather, and partly due to the harsh scrubs and chemical peels I used to get rid of the grease.

To tackle my skin conditions, I turned to South Korean beauty brand SNP prep and its clay-infused skin care line that includes the Clayronic Scrub Foam, Clayronic Pore Pack, Clayronic Pore Toner and Clayronic Pore Essence. They’re suitable for dry and oily skin types, and those who have a rough skin texture. Products in the Clayronic line feature two types of clay (red white clay and glacial soil clay) to absorb excess oil, and guava extract and Anti-Sebum P Complex to reduce pore size and control sebum production. They also contain three types of hyaluronic acid and LHA to gently exfoliate skin while supplying it with moisture.

I’m aware that clay-infused skin care products tend to dry out skin, but SNP prep claims that its  clay-based products keep skin moisturized while providing pore care and sebum control, so I gave them a try. I trialed the four products from the Clayronic line for a week and a half. Can I finally tame my oily skin without stripping it of moisture? Read on to find out!

Clayronic Scrub Foam

What it is: This cleansing foam effectively washes the face of accumulated dead skin cells, impurities and excess sebum. It has the power to clear skin of fine dust particles and shrink pores.

My experience: I wet my skin with water before using this cleanser. The super creamy formula instantly lathered up when I massaged it onto my face. I didn’t expect the texture of a clay wash to be smooth and creamy but I enjoyed its refreshing feel, which I believe comes from the glacial soil clay. The tiny microbeads in the formula gently exfoliate skin. The creaminess nicely offsets the exfoliation from the beads, so the scrub foam wash doesn’t feel harsh on skin. My skin felt squeaky clean right after.

Clayronic Pore Pack

What it is: This pore pack is a clay mask that intensely absorbs excess sebum and impurities to reveal clear and smooth skin. It’s recommended to wait until the mask completely dries before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. While the mask dries on skin, the formula keeps skin dewy and hydrated.

My experience: The pore pack felt nice and smooth when I spread it over my skin. The texture was rather thin and it glided onto my skin easily. Due to the thin consistency, I applied a second layer. Like the Clayronic Scrub Foam, the Clayronic Pore Pack has tiny microbeads that gently exfoliate skin. Appearance-wise, let’s just say I gave my mom a good scare! I waited until the mask completely dried (roughly 15 minutes) and felt my skin gradually tighten during that time. Then I rinsed off the pore pack. I didn’t use the pore pack every day to avoid over-exfoliating and drying effects.

Clayronic Pore Toner

What it is: The lightweight and watery toner wipes off remaining impurities after cleansing the face and restores skin’s water-oil levels.

My experience: Boasting a clean perfume scent, this watery toner nicely complements the foam cleanser and pore pack from the Clayronic line. For a lightweight toner its moisture-replenishing powers were obvious. As clay-based products can be drying, I greatly appreciate that SNP prep’s toner doesn’t belong in that group. The formula effectively restored my skin’s moisture and hydration levels, refined my skin and made it look more even-toned.

Clayronic Pore Essence

What it is: This essence supplies moisture to skin, tightens enlarged pores and absorbs excess sebum for clear and smooth skin.

My experience: To lock in extra moisture, this pore essence does the trick. My first impression was that the essence shared the same clean perfume scent as the toner. The essence had a watery milky texture that seamlessly absorbed into my skin. It felt soft and instantly moisture-replenishing, precisely the nourishing and moisturizing care that my stripped-down and bare skin needed. With this essence, my skin plumped up to a healthy look and feel.

Final Thoughts

I’m impressed by my skin improvements after using SNP prep’s Clayronic Scrub Foam, Pore Pack, Pore Toner and Pore Essence for just under two weeks. I always thought that clay-infused products would dry skin, but I was proven wrong – you can get rid of unwelcome shine and moisturize skin with this line.

The four products delivered on their claims to keep skin moisturized while absorbing excess oil and impurities. Over time, my skin became soft and matte, and I experienced little oil buildup throughout the day.
Going forward, I’ll continue to use the products together as I appreciate how SNP prep thoughtfully curated them to work alongside each other for optimal results. I wouldn’t recommend one without the other. If you have oily skin issues like I did, then give these products a go!

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