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Green Goodness from Barr’s Heartleaf-Based Duo – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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A firm believer in skinimalism, Korean skin care brand Barr is widely celebrated for its effective vegan-friendly formulas targeting a range of skin care concerns. Made with only essential ingredients derived from nature, its cruelty-free products cater to every skin type including those with sensitive skin. From moisturizers infused with centella asiatica extract to brightening ampoules chock-full of Vitamin B3, Barr consistently proves that simple formulas can pack a punch.

Recently, my skin has been ashy and prone to redness despite my best efforts in using everything from beauty tools to spot treatments to address those skin concerns. Clearly, my beauty routine needs a radical rethink. With the goal of attaining calmer and clearer skin, I decided to pare down my makeup and skin care routines to a bare minimum by forgoing powder and foundation, as well as double toning and sheet masking. In fact, I only indulged in a few to-the-point products formulated to soothe, hydrate and protect skin.

Barr’s skin-calming Super Green Deep Energy line piqued my interest from the get-go, not least because the brand was highly recommended by my fellow YesStylist Zoe. Comprising an ampoule and cream, the range is touted to be an equally powerful alternative to the brand’s beloved Centella Calming series (for more on this line, check out our review of the Centella Calming Ampoule Toner, Centella Calming Gel Essence and Centella Calming Barrier Cream). Featuring skin-soothers like heartleaf and mugwort extracts, the Super Green Deep Energy duo promises to gently calm skin and nourish it back to health, benefits that my skin needs right now.

To find out how my skin fared after three weeks of dedicated usage of this duo, read on for the low-down.

In a nutshell: Packed with 60% organic heartleaf extract (also known as houttuynia cordata extract) and 20% mugwort extract, this ampoule calms sensitive and troubled skin. With these two hero ingredients known for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the formula is ideal for tackling redness and irritation. Additionally, the antioxidant-rich mugwort extract offers an anti-aging boost. The ampoule also contains 0.1% panthenol to provide deep hydration and promote skin repair.

The low-down: This ampoule is a joy to use! The lightweight texture that wasn’t too watery or too viscous left a pleasing first impression. It spread easily on my skin and absorbed swiftly, leaving it looking immediately more plumped-up. By the end of the three-week trial, my skin felt like it had been reset for the better. Most gratifyingly, my persistent facial redness faded, although this skin improvement was occasionally undone by my sleep and diet habits, such as pulling an all-nighter or indulging in an extra spicy meal. On the whole though, the Super Green Deep Energy Ampoule has been a godsend in restoring vitality to my dull and tired skin.

Any reservations? In terms of ameliorating my facial redness and giving my skin a reset, the ampoule delivered encouraging results. After the three-week trial, my face continued to experience irritations as rough patches, red spots and acne marks remained, but to much less troubling degrees. If you’re hoping to restore long-term health in easily aggravated and sensitive skin, the Super Green Deep Energy Ampoule can do that to a tee. If you’re craving visible glow-ups in record time or looking to rejuvenate mature skin, this ampoule might not be the right product.

Would I recommend it? Without a doubt, yes! While not quite holy grail material, this ampoule delivered on multiple fronts including soothing care and restoring skin to its supple condition.

In a nutshell: Infused with 58% heartleaf extract and 19% mugwort extract, this lightweight gel cream promises to soothe troubled skin. Additional ingredients of 0.1% panthenol and 0.1% allantoin provide deep hydration while fending off signs of early aging. The cream comes in a distinctive pale green color and a subtle, herb-based scent.

The lowdown: While I generally prefer richer moisturizers during winter such as the Moisture Cream from Pyunkang Yul, the Super Green Deep Energy Cream came in such a soothing and comforting texture that I was immediately sold. The lightweight formula was silky, luscious and refreshing all at the same time, and it tamed my facial redness! Like the ampoule, this quick-absorbent cream instantly calms and softens skin. By the end of the three-week trial, my maskne was under control and my face didn’t feel like it was constantly on the edge of a flare-up.

Any reservations? While the cream worked overtime to calm my irritations, I was slightly underwhelmed by its ability to provide long-lasting moisture. This formula wouldn’t work as a night cream as I had to top up several times throughout the day to keep my skin supple and hydrated. The plus side is that applying the cream was a bona fide pleasure, given its comforting texture. The downside was that I frequently forgot to do so, which resulted in occasional dry patches on my face. For people with dry skin, this could be an issue with the cream.

Would I recommend it? On the whole, yes. If you’re looking for a skin-soother with a hydrating touch rather than a major moisturizer, the Super Green Deep Energy Cream suits those needs. I love how refreshing the smooth, silky cream felt when applied on my stressed-out skin, and I appreciate its ability to quickly contain my irritations. But I wish the formula had stronger moisturizing capabilities.

My Final Verdict:

After trialing the Super Green Deep Energy Ampoule and Cream for three weeks, I came away with a deeper appreciation of Barr’s minimalist skin care philosophy that emphasizes simple formulas and fewer skin care steps. I realized that a few carefully curated hero products are enough to promote healthy-looking skin. On this front, Barr’s Super Green Deep Energy duo largely delivered, especially in terms of soothing care. The comforting texture of the products offered a skin-pampering touch.

Thanks to its superb calming capabilities, I’ll be adding the Super Green Energy Cream to my current rotation of skin care products, despite a few misgivings about the cream’s hydration powers. As the weather gets warmer and less dry, its lightweight formula should be just right for my skin during the season transition. As for the ampoule, which managed to protect the skin while soothing irritations, I’ll be indulging in it regularly over the next few months to eradicate redness and improve overall skin health. And if I ever need to elevate my skin care routine just a notch, I’ll reach for Barr’s Super Balance Brightening Ampoule for a brightening boost.

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