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When it comes to skin care, we often focus more on our face than our body. As I grow older, I’ve started to expand my interest in beauty to not just face care but also body care – especially body lotions, body oils and fragrances that elevate my sense of well-being. Six months ago, I conjured a new body care routine involving exfoliation, massage and moisturization to last me through winter. See my checklist below!

Exfoliating Spray

I’ve only tried a black sugar body scrub before and I used it during a bath. A drawback I encountered when using a physical exfoliator like a sugar scrub was the residue left in the bath tub. Sugar dissolves in hot water, but there may be residue left behind that requires cleaning. That’s where chemical exfoliators come into play, and apparently they’re less likely to irritate skin.

I decided to try CAOLION’s Whole Grain Body Exfoliator, which is packed with natural ingredients including extracts from pomegranate, peach, fig, oat, royal jelly, propolis and honey. Offering non-abrasive peeling, this gentle formula comes in a milky liquid with a sweet fruit smell. I usually spray it over the rough areas of my body, such as the heels, ankles, legs and elbows. I’d rub softly and tiny white residue would appear within 30 seconds.

Body Wash & Exfoliating Towel

Next, it’s time for a thorough cleanse to rinse off all the residue! Anua’s Heartleaf Acne Body Wash boasts a subtle and refreshing scent, and the clear gel formula is to my liking. It targets backne with soothing herbal remedies made of heartleaf, centella asiatica and tea tree extracts. The pH-balanced formula also includes salicylic acid, AHA, BHA and PHA to slough off dead skin cells.

This makes a strong exfoliating combo with Benton’s Hanji Body Wash Towel, which is made of 40% paper mulberry bark – the primary material for making premium hanji paper. Lightweight, antibacterial, air permeable and deodorizing, the body wash towel aids in cleansing and exfoliating skin without causing irritation. The texture feels like a loofah but this hanji wash towel is gentler and easier to bend.


Once a week or whenever I feel like it, I’d massage my lower back and legs with WellDerma’s Face & Eye Cooling Massage Stick. The massage stick boasts a flat aluminum bottom, a curved handle and a roller at the tip. The bottom is meant for massaging larger areas of the face while the roller is for massaging the eye area. The metal surface provides an instant cooling effect. It’s recommended to refrigerate the massager before use, and to use it with an essence to maximize its pore-minimizing effect while enhancing absorption of the essence. However, since it was wintertime when I tested this device, I only used it on my body. I didn’t put the massager in the fridge and I used it with a body oil instead of an essence. The oil neutralized its cooling effect and formed an insulating layer on skin to protect it against the cold dry weather.

Body & Foot Cream

Pyunkang Yul’s Intensive Ceramide Lotion Jumbo comes in a generous 500ml pump bottle,  so I was covered for moisturizing body care throughout winter. The rich and scent-free lotion is packed with ceramide, shea butter, seed oils and hyaluronic acid to seal in moisture. I used the lotion on my entire body alongside Pyunkang Yul’s Softening Foot Cream for my cracked heels during the driest months. Coming in a 290ml pump bottle, the foot cream includes not only the ingredients mentioned above for the body lotion, but also urea to soften cuticles and cica and green tea extracts to soothe skin. Both the body lotion and foot cream aim to ease itchiness and provide rich moisture.

Skin Improvements Six Months Later

After half a year of this body care routine, I used up only a little of CAOLION’s 300ml Whole Grain Body Exfoliator spray, half of Anua’s 500ml Heartleaf Acne Body Wash, and 3/4 of Pyunkang Yul’s Intensive Ceramide Lotion and Softening Foot Cream.

The exfoliating spray is a bit of a hassle to use compared to the towel and body wash. Since the body wash and towel are effective in cleansing and eliminating dead skin cells, the exfoliating spray felt like an extra step. I’m very pleased with the body wash, even though I think it’s more suitable for summer than winter.

Meanwhile, it seems to be time to replace the Benton hanji towel, which has gotten a little darker after six months of use. It’s also pilling a lot because I’ve thrown it into the washing machine multiple times. Lint fell off after a month of use, but the amount was insignificant and I’ve cut it all away. The material is stretchy so no large holes appeared in the towel – the lost fibers were filled up by the remaining fibers. I like how this exfoliating towel dries quickly and doesn’t form mildew.

WellDerma’s Face & Eye Cooling Massage Stick is designed for the face so its size wasn’t ideal for using on the body like I did. Those who enjoy a cooling face massage may like its lightweight and compact two-in-one design.

The body lotion and foot cream didn’t disappoint. Ceramide is a savior for dry and itchy skin, while urea softens rough and hardened skin. Such big bottles of ceramide- and urea-infused body moisturizers are hard to come by. Plus the lotion and foot cream are scent-free!

The exfoliating spray, body wash and massager are more suitable for summer or those with oily skin, while the body lotion and foot cream are more suitable for winter or those with dry skin. The hanji towel is useful all year round. I’d gladly repurchase the Pyunkang Yul lotion and cream, the Benton hanji towel and the Anua body wash.

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