Age Gracefully with NEOGEN’s V.Biome Line! – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

Age Gracefully with NEOGEN’s V.Biome Line! – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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After hearing so many good reviews on K-Beauty cult-fave brand NEOGEN, I’ve been eager to test out their products for a while! When I discovered that NEOGEN recently launched its V.Biome line, I figured it was the right time to check out these latest products, which include the Infusion Serum, Soothing Cream, Firming Cream and Advanced Eye Cream! As part of NEOGEN’s efforts to promote innovative beauty products, the V.Biome line harnesses the power of nano-capsule technology so that the formulas deliver long-lasting nourishment for healthy and plumped-up skin. Each product from the collection is enriched with vitamins and fermented anti-aging ingredients to soothe, revitalize, brighten and moisturize skin.

Read on to see why NEOGEN’s V.Biome line will continue to be part of my daily skin care regimen.

What it is: This skin-revitalizing serum is formulated with 5% V.Biome Liposome, Vitamin C, mallow flower extract and probiotics, which moisturize skin and deliver antioxidant benefits. On top of that, it also contains niacinamide, panthenol and ferulic acid to brighten and revitalize skin, and five types of hyaluronic acid to supply extra hydration. 

Tone Up> Rejuvenating> Brightening> Soothing

My take: I’m a big fan of serums and use them regularly in my skin care routines, so I was elated to know that this line features a serum with anti-aging skin care benefits! I reckon a multifunctional serum like NEOGEN’s V.Biome Infusion Serum would be helpful in bringing my skin back to health.

The serum looked milky when I took a small amount on my palms, so I worried that it might have a thick, gooey texture. Luckily, the velvety texture blended out smoothly during application and dried to a soft, matte finish. Best of all, the lightweight formula was absorbed quickly (less than two minutes on my skin). Not only did the serum keep my skin plump and hydrated throughout the day, but it also left my skin brighter and more even-toned  over time.  

Tip: Since this serum deeply penetrates skin, layer it with other skin care products for extra boosts of hydration and nourishment.

What it is: Enriched with eight types of hyaluronic acids and 19 vitamins, this soothing cream delivers intense hydrating and skin-rejuvenating effects. It contains 5% V.Biome Lipsome, Vitamin C, mallow flower extract and probiotics to moisturize skin and deliver antioxidant benefits. The cream comes with a built-in globe-shaped massager to massage cream around the eyes and V-line for better absorption.

Soothing> Moisturizing> Brightening> Anti-Wrinkle

My take: Offering similar benefits as the V.Biome Infusion Serum, the V.Biome Soothing Cream is like a face cream version of the serum. This soothing cream comes in a semi-transparent and watery gel-type texture. I appreciate that it left my face refreshed and nourished, without a sticky finish. The formula supplied moisture deep into my skin. I love applying it because it makes my skin feel soft and bouncy afterwards. I prefer the lightness of this cream over other thicker ones I’ve tried, as I find that a lightweight formula layers well with other skin care products. This cream works amazingly for both morning and evening routines. I suggest using it in tandem with the V.Biome line’s serum to double the brightening and soothing effects.

Also, bonus points for the built-in globe-shaped massager! I used it like a guasha tool to massage around the under-eye areas and V-line for sculpting and aiding the product’s absorption into skin! 

What it is: This firming cream boosts skin elasticity with 10% V.Biome Lipsome, along with ten types of peptides to tighten skin and 19 vitamins to deliver nourishing care. It comes with a built-in globe-shaped massager to massage around the eyes and V-line for sculpting and better absorption. 

Firming> Nutritional Care> Anti-Wrinkle> Brightening

My take: Skin care specialists say that a skin care routine must include a sunscreen, cleanser and face cream – the bare minimum essentials! I always have a trusty face cream in my vanity to use in my daily rotation, but I can’t say that about firming cream.

While some may think that a face moisturizer alone will suffice, this product changed my mind about the benefits of a firming cream! NEOGEN’s V.Biome Firming Cream is the first firming cream that I’ve tried. As I prefer watery and lightweight face creams, I found the consistency of this firming cream rather thick and a bit greasy. Packed with peptides – great ingredients to seek out in firming creams – the formula offers moisture-locking effects and boosts the skin’s collagen production and elasticity.

At first glance, I was intrigued by the cream’s light pinkish color. Though it’s slightly thicker than the soothing cream, the firming cream’s creamy texture is highly spreadable on skin, leaving a nice, glossy finish – just like a glazed donut. Thicker than other creams from this line, the firming cream took some time to be fully absorbed, but the formula did its job overnight as my skin became bouncy and firm the next day.

As most skin care products mainly focus on the face, we tend to overlook the neck area until telltale signs of aging start to show up. I recommend applying this firming cream on the neck area as well to fend off fine lines and wrinkles.

What it is: This nourishing eye cream is infused with 10% V.Biome Liposome and anti-aging ingredients (such as ten types of peptides) to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for youthful-looking skin. It also includes skin-brightening niacinamide and panthenol to revitalize dull skin. 

Firming> Anti-Wrinkle> Moisturizing> Brightening

My take: For the longest time, I couldn’t find an eye cream that caters to my skin care needs. Getting older and not getting enough sleep have contributed to the tired appearance of my eyes, such as eye bags and dark circles.

Thankfully, I came across NEOGEN’s V.Biome Advanced Eye Cream before it’s too late! 

I dislike the feel of thick creams around my eyes, so I can attest that this lightweight eye cream is just right for those with oily and combination skin. NEOGEN’s V.Biome Advanced Eye Cream boasts a gel-like texture that feels refreshing and surprisingly cooling on skin (even though I didn’t store it in the refrigerator before use).The eye cream glided on easily without tugging at the delicate area of my skin, plus it didn’t cause any irritation. True to its claims, this formula tightened and soothed the eye areas, and it restored elasticity to skin under eyes with repeated use. 

Whenever I pulled an all-nighter or failed to get a full eight hours of sleep, I turned to this eye cream the following morning to help perk up my eye areas. Though the eye cream hasn’t faded my faint lines entirely, overall my dark circles have become less noticeable after using it religiously for five days straight. 

Tip: Store your eye cream in the fridge for better results.


Final Thoughts

After a five-day trial of NEOGEN’s V.Biome line, I haven’t witnessed a drastic difference in my skin on the anti-wrinkle front, but I still enjoyed trying four products from this collection. I’m especially impressed by the built-in skin care tools for the soothing cream and firming cream, as I found myself looking forward to using them in my nighttime routine. This short trial reminded me that our eye and neck areas deserve just as much TLC as the rest of our face. 

All in all, NEOGEN’s V.Biome line makes for a great anti-aging skin care regimen that gets the job done with powerhouse anti-aging ingredients. I’ve already seamlessly incorporated these goodies into my daily skin care routine and look forward to seeing the benefits unfold in the long run.  

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