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In Korea’s multi-faceted entertainment scene, the thrilling world of K-pop is perhaps the most well-known globally, but there’s also the K-indie scene that offers rougher-edged yet no less intoxicating pleasures. Whether it’s a punk rock band with a love for synth or a bedroom pop pioneer singing about the absurdity of life, Korean indie music embraces quirkier aesthetics while still being chock-full of addictive tunes, arresting visuals and, of course, killer style.

To explore the links between your musical taste, sense of style and inner self, I’ve chosen three K-indie MVs combining crisp beats and memorable tunes with boundary-pushing visual landscapes. Read on for all the wardrobe and playlist inspo!

First, complete the following quiz.

  1. Which type of clothing dominates your wardrobe?
    A. Leather jackets
    B. Floral dresses
    C. Neon tank tops
  2. Your ideal Friday night is:
    A. Watching a horror movie at the cinema
    B. Journaling in your room
    C. Jamming with your bandmates
  3. What makes you feel nostalgic?
    A. Scrolling through your ex’s IG feed
    B. Erasers in the shape of cupcakes
    C. 90s video games
  4. Your favorite color scheme is:
    A. Red and black
    B. Pink and gray
    C. Purple and neon green
  5. You’re best described as:
    A. Dark and sensual
    B. Dreamy and introspective
    C. Bold and kooky

If you answered mostly As,
you belong to the world of Bibi’s The Weekend.

Bold, dark and sensual, you’re the anti-girl-next-door who often falls for the bad boys. Nothing matches your sensibilities better than the MV for alt-R&B singer Bibi’s 2021 single The Weekend, which combines slick beats and lovelorn lyrics with horror movie aesthetics. In a backdrop of gothic-style interiors, Bibi demands to know why her current date only calls her “on the weekend.” This solo artist, known for her experimental and dramatic style, is in a get-up that’s part boss babe and part dominatrix, complete with a pin-striped blazer, zombie makeup and chunky chains. By the end of the video, you’re still not sure whether she’s begging for love or taunting her lover, but you’re absolutely sure her provocative style is to die for.

Your Weekend Outfit:

A perfect outfit for getting over heartbreak (or for swaggering around town), this edgy, goth-tinged ensemble dials up the drama in a palette of red, black and gold. For a look that exudes street-style cool without sacrificing sex appeal, tuck a red tank top into black denim shorts before throwing on an oversized belted blazer embellished with metal hardware. Extend the tough girl vibes by putting on a pair of classic Chelsea boots and an oversized pleather scrunchie. For a final dramatic touch, add statement earrings embellished with gold-tone crosses. Bold yet elegant, these accessories perfectly complete the outfit while not so subtly signaling your goth credentials.

If you answered mostly Bs,
you belong to the world of Stella Jang’s Villain

This one’s for all those dreamy yet whip-smart girls who love shoe shopping as much as journaling! With witty lyrics set to a chanson-like melody, Villain from Korean indie singer-songwriter Stella Jang’s 2020 debut album Stella I is a whimsical tune infused with retro aesthetics. The MV, which features everything from cupcakes to butterflies, presents an ultra-girly look occasionally punctured with darker visuals like blood-stained lips and devil horns. If the sweet yet spiky aesthetics resonate with you, chances are you’re quietly kickass with a style that combines grandma chic with old Hollywood glam. Least likely to head to a party in athleisure, you’re the expert in showing off your quirky side in a sophisticated way.

Your Weekend Outfit:

Ooze elegance without sacrificing D.I.Y. edge by anchoring your look in this floral tea dress in a retro-inspired cut similar to Jang’s attire in the Villain MV! Instead of sneakers or loafers, opt for summery slides boasting acrylic heels. Keep things sweet and sassy with candy-colored stud earrings and a cutesy hair clip with spherical embellishments. For a more hard-hitting finish, simply grab this two-toned straw tote, which manages to infuse a cottagecore staple with a hint of summer gothic energy. Seal the deal with pink-framed cat eye sunnies for indie girl appeal.

If you answered mostly Cs,
you belong to the world of Seoulmoon’s We’ll Stay Here.

Three-member girl group Seoulmoon has been quietly making waves with their dreamy takes on indie rock since 2016. The MV for their 2021 single We’ll Stay Here is rendered in lush, juicily colored animation awash with surrealist touches (courtesy of Korean illustrator Seo In-ji), resulting in a nostalgia addict’s dream that also boldly celebrates femininity. Radiating OTT and laid-back vibes at the same time, the video follows fantasy versions of the trio as they drive through a cityscape inspired by early Internet aesthetics. If you’re a street-style diva who believes dressing in head-to-toe neon is a punk statement, this MV’s world is right where you belong.

Your Weekend Outfit:

Flaunt your bold and kooky side with some major dopamine dressing! For an amped-up look that’s still highly wearable, go for a cropped camisole featuring fuchsia checkers paired with flared jeans accented by rhinestone buttons. Feeling sassy? Complete the look with a pink denim jacket, orange bucket hat and olive green hoop earrings, all of which echo the bright, retro-tinged colors of the MV while upping the street-style vibes. For additional indie band cool vibes, slip into these chunky black oxfords. The result? An ensemble fit for alterna girls everywhere who prefer juicy colors and maximalist touches to androgynous cool.


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