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Y2K Fashion

Y2K (Year 2000) refers to the era from late 90s to early and mid-2000s, a.k.a. the era of  millennials. Gen Zs have reinvented styles of the Y2K period in their own ways.

Miu Miu’s viral micro-mini skirt is an example of such revival. The ultra-cropped pleated mini with a low-slung waist and protruding pockets was paired with a belt, ultra-cropped shirt and ultra-cropped cable-knit sweater during Miu Miu’s S/S fashion show last October. The outfit was reminiscent of Britney Spear’s outfit in her Baby One More Time music video in 1998.

Whether it’s nostalgia (for millennials) or a new discovery (for Gen Zs), what’s not to love about Y2K style? The Y2K fashion trend is associated with apparel in bright colors such as lime green, hot pink and butter yellow, as well as distinctive pieces like velour tracksuits, halter tops, baby tees, bell bottoms, baggy jeans, pleated skirts, micro-mini skirts, rectangle sunglasses, bucket hats and platform heels. The style easily makes one stand out.

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