Stay Cool with DEWYTREE’s Calming Duo Cica Mask Set – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

Stay Cool with DEWYTREE’s Calming Duo Cica Mask Set – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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If someone asked when was my last face mask session, I’d say it’s been so long that I can’t recall! Though I want to give my skin extra TLC, it’s hard to know exactly what type of mask to look for when there are endless options in the market.

I picked a facial mask based on my skin condition – even-toned and not too oily or dry – and the season. With the weather warming up, a cool and soothing mask would be ideal. When I think of cool and soothing, centella asiatica and aloe come to mind.

When I spotted the Calming Duo Cica Mask Set by Korean beauty brand DEWYTREE, I immediately grabbed it. I’d never used a cica mask sheet before, so this is an opportune time to try. Let’s see what’s in store for my skin after using the sheet mask once per week for three weeks!


What it is: Suitable for sensitive skin, the hypoallergenic Calming Duo Cica Mask Set is clinically proven to intensely soothe and moisturize skin. When creating the cica calming mask, DEWYTREE sought to find a solution to a wide array of factors that irritate skin, like prolonged mask-wearing during the pandemic which may lead to a weakened skin barrier, dry skin and excess sebum production.

The Calming Duo Cica Mask comes in two sheets – the “T-Zone” part covers the forehead and eye area while the “Mask-Zone” part covers the rest of the face and the neck area under the chin. The two mask sheets offer a more customized fit and provide neck care (an area often overlooked in skin care). Though the mask comes in two sheets, they’re both formulated with the key ingredient CICA BIOME™ containing centella asiatica extracts to reinforce the skin barrier, protect skin from harmful external aggressors, and soothe irritated skin. Panthenol is also in the ingredients to moisturize skin and enhance the soothing effects.

Both mask sheets are biodegradable but differ in fabrication. The T-Zone sheet is made of highly adhesive cellulose material to align to the curvature of the eye and forehead areas, and effectively deliver ingredients to skin. The transparent Mask-Zone sheet is made of a soft water gel material and coated in Cooling Soothing Essence to cool and soothe skin. As the Mask-Zone sheet covers part of the neck area, it has a winged shape.

My experience: I didn’t realize the mask came in two sheets until I opened the compartmentalized packaging. I was intrigued by whether this innovative design has special effects on skin. It’s recommended by the Korean skin care brand to apply the bottom sheet before applying the top one, but having tried both ways, I didn’t find that one way trumped the other.

The mask sheets were heavily soaked in essence which made me doubt the adhering powers, but I was proven wrong. It took a bit of time to place on my face, but the sheets stayed on the entire time while I was sitting up.

Since the two sheets are made of different materials, the bottom Mask-Zone sheet is transparent while the top T-Zone sheet is white. Once the sheets were on my face, I didn’t notice much difference between them as they gave the same experience and results.

My skin felt cool throughout the 30 minutes of application – the instructions suggest leaving the mask on for up to 20 minutes, but there was plenty of essence left so I couldn’t resist pampering myself longer. I love the dewy and hydrated glow the mask left on my skin, and I especially appreciate how the bottom sheet extends to my neck to provide soothing and moisturizing effects, because this area is normally not cared for by other sheet masks. Overall, the Calming Duo Cica Mask Set was refreshing on skin and easy to use.

Final Thoughts

My entire masking experience with the DEWYTREE Calming Duo Cica Mask Set was serene as the two sheets made my skin calm and cool. The mask sheet pack left my skin clear and flawless, and looking as healthy as ever. Most face masks I’ve used before pale in comparison to the skin improvements I got from this set by DEWYTREE. Now I can’t think of a better product for a refreshing face mask sesh!

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