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Recreating Outfits from K-Drama TWENTY FIVE, TWENTY ONE – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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If you’re a K-Drama fan, you’re probably familiar with the hit TV show Twenty Five, Twenty One, and still recovering from the emotional roller coaster after watching the last two episodes. Although Twenty Five, Twenty One started off as a wholesome and lighthearted rom-com, the series turned into a multi-generational story about young adults whose dreams and lives got disrupted by harsh realities, including the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

Set in the late 1990s, Twenty Five, Twenty One revolves around the love story of two young people amidst the aftermath of the financial crisis, which was dubbed the IMF crisis in Korea due to the impact of the IMF bailout on the lives of ordinary people. Kim Tae-ri stars as Na Hee-do, an aspiring fencer with big dreams, while Nam Joo-hyuk stars as Back Yi-Jin, a reporter struggling to build his life during the financial crisis.

Not only did the chemistry between Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk get us hooked on the show, so did the nostalgic setting and retro style of each character! Twenty Five, Twenty One served standout fashion moments from the 90s. The props and locations featured in the K-Drama, such as pagers, telephone booths, film cameras and comic book stores, also helped viewers relish in the nostalgic vibes of the era.

We’ve compiled six iconic outfits to help you recreate your favorite Twenty Five, Twenty One character looks. Show off your take on 90s aesthetics!

Known for her refreshing, tomboyish charm, Na Hee-do is often seen in sporty athleisure outfits, such as striped shirts and sneakers. Her style tends to have masculine elements as she favors anything oversized. Even in a long-sleeve striped rugby polo shirt, gray sweatshorts, plain white socks and sneakers, Hee-do appears put-together. For the finishing touches, she plays it up with bright-colored accessories. Obviously red is Hee-do’s favorite color, as she often adds accessories in this color, such as a red baseball cap and a red carryall bag

Sticking to go-to basics and oversized silhouettes, Back Yi-jin is known for his simple yet versatile outfits throughout the drama. If you’re impressed by Yi-jin’s style, take cues from his fashionable mix-and-match outfits. Some staples of his wardrobe include a white oversized tee as a base layering piece plus an elbow-sleeve button-up shirt. For special occasions, he sometimes replaces the basics with bold print or colorful tops. Those who follow Yi-jin in the series will notice that he always accessorizes his denim baggy jeans with a black faux leather belt! Keep the look casual and simple with plain socks and white sneakers.

The fashion-forward friend in the squad, Moon Ji-woong is often stylishly on point, whether he’s rocking a hipster streetwear look or a preppy outfit. He loves experimenting with different fashion pieces to express his individuality. From fashion blogger to successful shop owner, Ji-woong’s love of fashion is showcased throughout the show. The sweater vest has become trendy again, and this preppy staple is worn by several characters in the series. Layer an argyle pattern sweater vest with a white collared shirt or a plain shirt collar to recreate one of Ji-woong’s go-to unisex outfits. Go for black straight leg jeans, another 90s favorite, and tie the look together with plain socks and white sneakers.

In the airport scene where Ji Seung-wan and Na Hee-do bid farewell to Ko Yu-rim as she leaves for Russia to pursue her fencing career, we see Seung-wan in a white turtleneck top tucked into loose-fit denims, along with a classy brown faux leather crossbody bag. This look is all about layering for transitional seasons. A brown button-up jacket like Seung-wan’s is just the item you need to brave cooler temperatures. After Seung-wan dropped out of school, she permed her hair and put extra effort into polishing up her look by adding hair accessories. Take notes from Seung-wan’s knack for glamming up outfits with statement-making pieces, like a navy blue beret. Just like the other characters, she completes her look with fail-safe sartorial touches of plain socks and white kicks.

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