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Did you know that April is #StressAwarenessMonth? Whether big or small, we all go through bouts of stress. On the latest episode of Yes Whut, Zoe and fellow editor Angela chat about how they deal with everyday stress. Listen till the end to take a quick stress-level test with them! 

Below, we’ve also gathered some tips and lifestyle and skin care products that may help you to de-stress and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Lifestyle and Wellness Tips

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one way to relieve tension and stress. We all know that’s easier said than done, so start with small habits that add up to better physical and mental health. Angela exercises weekly for a mental reset, like a walk at the park or a trek on an easy hiking trail, which improves her mood and distracts her from worries. Regular exercise, such as doing yoga or hitting the gym, can help keep stress and other health conditions at bay, and boost your motivation and resilience.

A good night’s sleep is beneficial to your health and well-being. People often underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep. Give yourself around 30 minutes before bedtime to relax and wind down after a long day. Try journaling your thoughts or simply putting on a relaxing self-heat eye mask. 

Skin Care Tips

Don’t hesitate to make yourself the top priority and indulge in some much-needed “me time,” even if it’s just a few minutes of your day! A skin care routine, just like any form of self-care, can be soothing and calming to the mind and soul. Going through each step in a rhythmic and purposeful manner can be quite meditative. For Zoe, her evening skin care routine is a way to de-stress and wind down after a stressful day. If you haven’t created a skin care routine yet, take inspiration from Zoe’s nighttime routine featuring the below K-Beauty skin care products. 


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