Revitalize Skin with ARTOIS’s ATVT Napep Recovery Ampoule and Cream – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

Revitalize Skin with ARTOIS’s ATVT Napep Recovery Ampoule and Cream – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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With skin care increasingly becoming a part of wellness and lifestyle, many brands have become more transparent about their ingredients and practices, and developed natural and fragrance-free products as a result. I’m a sucker for anything that’s fragrance-free, as I’ve had a few bad experiences where my skin reacted negatively to products with synthetic fragrance.

Korean skin care brand ARTOIS challenges the misconception that natural skin care products don’t smell good by using quality essential oils and natural fragrances in its plant-based products. I decided to give ARTOIS’s skin care products a go to see if they are as good as they claim to be.

As the brand is already known for its hair care and body care lines, I decided to try its skin care products – the ATVT Napep 9 Recovery Ampoule and ATVT Napep 12 Recovery Cream – for a change. Both products are infused with brightening agent niacinamide and skin-firming ingredient peptide. They claim to brighten dull skin and boost skin elasticity for smooth and glowy skin. Read on to see whether this duo helped revitalize my lackluster skin.

What it is: Enriched with 10% niacinamide and nine kinds of peptide, this ampoule helps brighten dull skin while leaving it smooth and clear. The formula is infused with camellia japon flower extract to control excess sebum production. It also contains six kinds of botanical ingredients (such as alfalfa and broccoli extracts) to soothe and moisturize irritated skin. 

My take: Like serums, ampoules contain active ingredients but in even higher concentrations to target specific skin concerns. This ampoule from ARTOIS is mainly formulated with niacinamide to brighten skin and peptide to firm skin. Initially, the ATVT Napep 9 Recovery Ampoule left a tingly feeling upon application and I noticed some red patches as well, which alarmed me. Thankfully, those skin reactions faded after I applied the ATVT Napep 12 Recovery Cream. The ampoule’s super lightweight and watery texture glided seamlessly onto my skin. I usually apply two drops of the ampoule each use. The formula instantly absorbed into my skin and left it soft to the touch.

What it is: The ATVT Napep 12 Recovery Cream contains 5% niacinamide, 12 kinds of peptide, and adenosine to brighten skin, boost skin elasticity and smooth skin texture. It also features squalane to strengthen the skin barrier.

My take: Right off the bat, the overwhelming scent of the ATVT Napep 12 Recovery Cream bothered me, and I had second thoughts about applying it on my face. Luckily, the cream was very lightweight and didn’t cause any breakouts or irritation on my skin. I love the formula’s extremely lightweight consistency that makes it perfect for use during warm weather. The product did a great job at soothing and hydrating my skin, but I’m not a big fan of the scent. Although it’s difficult to tell whether the cream strengthened my skin barrier, I noticed other improvements like how my skin became less dull and slightly more glowy. 

Final Verdict

I’m relieved that both ARTOIS products didn’t cause irritation or breakouts in my skin! The only issue I have is that the ATVT Napap 9 Recovery Ampoule’s scent is too strong for my liking. Other than that, I like using this duo in tandem to strengthen and tone up my skin. 

I appreciate that both the ampoule and cream are lightweight, quick-absorbing and non-sticky. In terms of effects, the Recovery Ampoulehelped smooth and refine my skin. It also prepped my skin well for layering on other skin care products, making my skin feel clear and ready to soak in more goodness. As for the ATVT Napep 12 Recovery Cream, the formula revitalized my skin after use, and left a dewy and radiant finish. On the cream’s firming effects, I have not seen major improvements on this front yet. That said, I’ve already integrated the duo seamlessly into my summer nighttime skin care routine, so I’ll be sticking around to see if there are further changes in my skin. 

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