Splatoon 3’s Newest Sub-Weapon Is Called The ‘Angle Shooter’

Splatoon 3’s Newest Sub-Weapon Is Called The ‘Angle Shooter’

Splatoon 3 Angle Shooter
Image: Nintendo Life

Splatoon 3 can’t seem to keep a lid on the pot at the moment in terms of updates and weapons, and today, Nintendo has revealed a brand new sub-weapon for the upcoming ink shooter.

Called the Angle Shooter, the best way we can describe this gun is that it seems to set up tripwires. Aiming the gun at the wall, the ink bounces off of it on a few different surfaces, setting up a few lines of paint in the middle of the air. And if an opponent walks through one of these lines, they’re marked and then they take damage.

It looks a little bit like a marker pen, and in Japan, the weapon is even called the Line Marker — which is a perfect pen pun! The Angle shooter joins the Ink Vac, the Triple Inkstrike, a list of Charger weapons, and all the returning weapons!

We’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more weapons from Splatoon 3 in the coming months. The game splats down on 9th September. Don’t forget you can find out where to pre-order the game below and grab that discount on $50 eShop cards.

What are your thoughts on the Angle Striker? And do you agree with us that it should be called the Line Marker? Paint the town in the comments!

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