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❝Just in Case.. I Forgot to Tell You❞

Journey with us through pages filled with wisdom and guidance for young women everywhere.

About The Book:

Darnell D. Parr’s book is a treasure chest of advice and insights. It serves as a guide for young ladies, providing answers and advice about relationships, self-esteem, and personal growth. Each page resonates with wisdom, ready to guide you through life’s myriad challenges.

About the Author:

Darnell D. Parr, a mother of three and married for thirty years, shares her vast experiences through this book. With her years of volunteer work focusing on young girls and children, her wisdom in “Just in Case…I Forgot to Tell You” is both profound and practical.


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Hear from the readers who have found guidance and inspiration in "Just in Case...I Forgot to Tell You". Their stories demonstrate the book's transformative power and universal appeal.

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